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W as White City


This should be the fountain in the center of Market Square, but it's one of the worst pictures, I know! Apologies!

This should be the fountain in the center of Market Square, but it’s one of the worst pictures, I know! Apologies!

Happy Saturday to everybody!

Today I’m going to bring you back to the Desert of Rebirth land. You’ve seen just a tiny glimpse of it, or maybe better I’ve just mentioned when I talked about the quick sands. Now I’m going to introduce you to a whole city, White City.

White City is located on the north-western part of the country, on the coast. It is the city that shares the boundary with the Candy Region of Dough Land and it is inhabited by fisherman.

There is a major port in the middle of the northern coast, but also a lot of small docks on the coast right outside of White City, where the fishermen boats stands all the times.

As you can imagine then the major resources for them is fishing, but White City is also known for tourism. You have to understand that White City is divided in three Block that have a kind of circular shape each and they’re put on the map to form a triangle. At the very top you have the white block one where the fishermen live and it’s the one next to the docks and the shore.

White blocks number two and three are the touristy area. There are hotels and restaurants and also they serve as market good storages.

In the very centre of this triangle you have the market square, where every day a small market is held. From time to time also people from Mories go to sell their stuff there. Mostly because they think they’re going on holiday but in truth they cannot stop being merchants!

Also many tourists who want to visit Sweet Moment in Dough Land decide to stay there because it’s brighter and near to the sea.

In White City mainly you have humans, but you can have also sand folks who are usually living in the desert with a nomadic style of life. Sometimes they stay in White City for a few days in order to gather food and supplement for their travels. Also there is a council based there that represent the two races and sometimes they show up for the meetings.

I used White City for my tweets two years ago, and I’m going to use it again. It’s a nice place and relaxing as well to figure in your head, when you want to send your brain away from the everyday confusion!

And that’s it for today!

I’ll see you next week for the last three stops!

Happy writing!


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