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V as Violet


As I said yesterday, today we’ll dive again in the deepest part of the ocean for our second last stop in the Under the Sea!

If you’re wondering which kind of creatures I put in Violet you might be disappointed because there are none. Well not exactly.

In Violet you don’t have any real civilization, but there are just wild beasts. The most of them are very big and mean and very ferocious.

The one portrayed in my picture is the most terrible creature in the Sea, it is the beast everybody fears and the other creatures run away from, when he’s nearby. The problem is that if you don’t know about Spooky Dog you can be tricked by his fluffy and cuddling face and you can die for it. You might not see this properly from my bad drawing but it has a dog’s face then a giant bunny’s body and a seal’s fin instead of the tail. He also has no scales but short fur.

If you watch closely, however, you might notice the huge amount of blood under his front paws. Who knows whom or which creature he feasted with? I really don’t want to know.

But even Spooky Dogs are afraid of the Abandoned Darkness, the forest starting somewhere in the Abyss and developing all next to the western border to end up who knows where.

And this is the real question: what could there be inside that forest so fierce and terrible that even Spooky Dogs avoid it and that loads of smaller creatures avoid even knowing that they could be eaten if staying in the Violet section?

I’m working on the answer, no worries, it should be such a nice trigger for a horror story, if only I could write horror, but this is a different problem!

In general you have to figure Violet as a bare stretch of ground, where maybe two or three trees grow and sporadic seaweed grows beside the numerous rocks.

The only chain of mountain is in the southern border and it’s called Vampire Mountains, because they’re shaped like a mouth with very pointed canines at the two extremities.

As I said, the Abandoned Darkness is next to the western border and on the eastern one there are only mountains of the Indigo slice of land. Luckily or thanks to the magic the mountains continue to the north side as well, so that the animals are kind of trapped in a giant cage.

The only brave folks who are willing to go there and try to cure the sick animals are the mer-folks coming from Blue and the sea-fairies coming from Yellow!

So did I scare you? I promise you that the last stop will be in a nicer place of the ocean and much, much brighter!

I’ll see you tomorrow with White City!

Happy Blogging and Happy Writing!


6 thoughts on “V as Violet

    • Thanks a lot! I had to put the mer-folks somewhere because I love them! I’m afraid I’m not going to describe Blue, but if you want to know something about them, ask away!
      It’s always a pleasure when people enjoy my creativity but also sad, because if my English was better, then I could put the creativity in use much more with greater results!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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