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U as Utopia


Utopia is the city located in the south-western part of Sunbeam.

It isn’t a very big town but it is so full of good vibes and aspects to be found interesting by everybody.

First of all Utopia is the first part of Sunbeam you meet when you arrive and the last one you leave when you depart as the port of the country is close by.

Because of that and because people of Sunbeam are very proud of their artistic skills, Utopia is perfect on the architectonic and aesthetic point of view.

Houses façades are painted and decorated often, front and back gardens are well cured and the streets are clean and tidy.

It may seem that Utopians are very vain and worried by the appearance like the fairies in the ice islands, but this is far from the truth! Or better it is more complicated.

We could say that this appearance is their way to support the county they live in and they love!

The real madness starts when you enter in the houses because you never know what to expect.

Some of the Utopians are scholars and artists but the majority of them are scientists and inventors.

The houses in Utopia are usually on more floors and the top one is used as library or laboratory. Some of them anyway prefer to use their basement, like the man in the picture, in order to make things more secret and full of mystery.

Now you have to consider that Sonrisa is at a medieval level of technology, and some parts of it, like Fire Bloom villages or Funny Jungle tribes or Red and Orange parts of the sea are even behind, so even a bicycle could be consider something new and modern and genius.

There is a lot of magic as well, so sometimes what could be though technology is instead something obtained by magic.  And sometimes other things are substitutions of what we consider normal, say for example the wood of the Cold Forest in Ice Flower can be used as air conditioning!

However, in Utopia everything is invented and created by the hand and genius and knowledge of some individuals and that gives them a very high status in the whole world, although a more friendly approach to the magic in general could be highly appreciated. If you are a witch or a magical being unfortunately you’re not well seen in the village, but Utopians are usually polite and their curiosity beats their pride so they’ll never refuse you a cup of tea!

So I hope you enjoyed this stop and I’ll see you again tomorrow for our second last stop into the depth of the ocean!

Happy blogging to all of you! 


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