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T as temples



Today I’m going to talk about something different. It is a place, a location, but it’s not like an island or the quicksand; it is a building.

What I want to talk about are the temples. There are two of them, one in Harmony Valley, at the very centre of the area called The Garden and the other one is under the sea in the very centre of the ocean ground.

Before I talk about them I have to explain you something about the way I created the world. I base my whole world on the rainbow and its seven colours and the five Chinese elements. Every element or colour is associated with one of the countries or the slices of the ocean ground.

I gave the temples the important role to support the whole weight of a balanced and healthy world. The top part is a kind of peristyle courtyard and the rest develop underneath the surface!

The columns forming the peristyle are of the seven colours of the rainbow and hence represent the whole Sonrisa. If something goes wrong in the world or a war starts within two countries then the columns start to lose their hue and develop cracks form across the whole length.

This is the situation that I portrayed in what it could become the third book of the series I’m planning.

Whoever is in charge of the temples are normal people. There are no special cast or privileges or something like that and that’s exactly the point. They should mainly be believer in a world peace, so at the end of the day they’re chosen if they deserve to hold such a position.

Of course if someone plans to begin a war or to conquest the world, he or she can start form here as well. It’s a not well known notion, but as the columns reflect the status of the countries they represent, it’s also true the opposite.

At the centre of the peristyle there is an almost invisible passage that leads in the lower part of the temple.

I have not clear yet the shape and the position of the rooms and furniture on this lower part, but what I know is that each temple owns  a magic mirror. The guardians of the temple can use them in case of emergency to communicate to each other in the fastest fashion!

And here we are again at the end of the post!

I’ll see you tomorrow in Sunbeam for a second time, in the city near the sea: Utopia!

Happy blogging everybody!


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