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S as Sunbeam


Today we’re back to the surface, with the other medieval styled country: Sunbeam.

I hope you remember the name of this country as I mentioned it before, when I introduced Mories.

Sunbeam is located at the other far side of the main island and it’s at the top of a high cliff. The castle is at the very end of this piece of land and it is surrounded by a precipice, almost impossible to climb. This is the main reason why the walls around the castle and the village are almost a decoration rather than defence. People are self- confident in their strategic location.

Also as you might remember Sunbeam  is the core of the culture and studies but because they’re aware of the importance of the culture in a war or pre-war period, the army defending the castle is very good. It’s not big but formed by chosen individuals.

The country is basically a huge slope, with several little rivulets going through the wood that covers the stretch of land from the castle to the plain part of the country. There are in the wood several different schools with dormitories to host the hundreds students coming every year from all over the world.

In the latter part you can find two important places: in the north there is the coliseum-arena, where all the events take place. I tried to trap a particular of the construction in my picture above! In there you find Sonrisa’s biggest theatre stage. A big battle scene of one of my book draft takes place there!

In the south there is Utopia the city of the scientists and inventors, but I’ll talk about that later on in the competition at the letter U.

The western part of the country is fields and orchards which make Sunbeam self-sufficient country after all. The field boundaries with Harmony Valley so usually the environment is very quiet.

When I put Sunbeam in the map I did it because a part of me wanted her ideal place taking life. A country where culture, studying and reading and all the other cultural activities are the most important things. A place where you can maybe read in peace for hours in the shade of a tree surrounded by the quiet chirruping of the birds.

And I want to leave you with this peaceful image!

Ask away if you have any question, I’ll be pleased to answer!

Happy blogging for now! I’ll see you tomorrow!


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