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R as Red


Hi Everybody!

Welcome back to my blog!

Please forgive the following post (again) as I’ve been trapped in work since Friday and I have on my back thirty hours of work already!

Let’s go back to Sonrisa then! This is the second stop we do in the under the sea realm.

This time I’ll talk about the Red slice of ocean.

The water is slightly red and it’s the hottest part of the whole Sea. To make you understand better, this part is directly under the Boiling Sea, which spreads around Fire Bloom Island. Because of the depth the water here doesn’t boil but still it’s very, very hot.

This part of the ground is bare land and hardly something grows at all. It’s like a giant vale all surrounded by very tall mountains.

As you can see in the picture there is also a Volcano erupting almost continuously and when this happens the entire vale is filled with magma. Being underwater though means that the magma cools down almost immediately and it leaves a rough ground under the feet of the inhabitants.

People who leave there are this time very big; they’re giants. I can say for sure they’re the most barbaric and nasty creatures I have in my world.

They are dirty, they barely speak and they’re dressed (when they’re dressed) with only a few seaweed spread randomly on their bodies. Women are uglier and bigger and sometimes even stronger and meaner than men!

The reason why I put giants in my world is because at some stage I felt I needed some big sized creature; I felt my world full of small folks and slightly unbalanced!

But as I was creating them I also realized that I didn’t put any real evil race down there so that’s why they came out that way!

As I mentioned before this post will be short as well, so forgive me if I draw the line here.

However, if you feel curious at all about something, ask away and I’ll be pleased to answer!



6 thoughts on “R as Red

  1. Some of us would kill for thirty hours of work, you’re lucky. 😉

    I really like the idea of a water region where the water is warm, as opposed to the usual tropic island you tend to encounter. You’ve actually really grabbed my creative curiosity because I tend to ignore water completely in my writing, let alone a water region… It’s probably something to do with my weak swimming and general fear of it. I can’t even stand underwater worlds in games, let alone my own writing!

    Giants are always great fun to write, I think you’ll have a lot of joy whenever they feature. 😀

    • I understand but thirty hours in three days and with a count of over 14 thousand people would kill anybody I think!!!! Still yes that’s true!
      Thanks for the comments about the R post! I’m curious to know what you think of the other regions of the under the sea realm. They’re going to be on my blog in the next few days!
      I used one of the giants already and actually he was fun to use, but as always is everything trapped in a draft phase!

      • Ah sure a hectic three days ends up with a well deserved rest! 😀

        I’ll try keep an eye out for them. I’m quite busy with college finals so might miss a few but definitely keen to see more. 😀

    • Thanks Debi it’s very important to me! If you have any question about any of the places I’m describing ask away! Of course I cannot put the whole world building in 26 posts but just give a sample of each region!

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