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Q as Quick Sands



This is a bit of the sliding tunnel underneath the surface! I know it’s horrible! Sorry!

Welcome back to my blog, everybody!

I want to apologize today in advance as the post I’m going to publish a few minutes will be very short and probably very bad. I have to work today and it will be one of those days in which we’ll get over 6 thousands customers, if we’re lucky…so I won’t have the chance and the strength to publish it after I come back tonight!

Today I’m going to talk about a dangerous kind environment, quick sands.

There are only two big areas in the whole world. One is in Black Dragon and the other one is in the Desert of Rebirth.

Quick sand is never a good thing. However in Sonrisa they’re slightly better than the real world…well if you’re lucky.

Underneath the surface of the Quick sand in fact there are some moving rocks, and they’re never, as the name suggests, in the same place. You need ability to understand or to guess where the rocks are.

Whenever you guess the position then you have to options: the first one is to hop from rock to rock and cross the quick sand or to get the slide tunnel in between two rocks and fall at the very end.

The quick sand in Black Dragon can bring you either in the pirate cove or in the vampire house and believe me when I tell you that you have to hope to land among those scurvy dogs…at least they have a behaviour code!

The ones in Desert of Rebirth bring you either in the Ocean or next to the entrance to the Mahadivas place. They’re a secret warrior tribe and maybe it’s better not to cross them, in particular because the location of their home must remain a secret!

And now I have to fly to work but leave me your opinion in the comments anyway, I’ll answer as soon as I can!

Have a nice day and weekend!


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