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P as Penguin Refuge


 Penguin Refuge016

Welcome back to an icy place!

This time I’m going to introduce you to Penguin Refuge.

Originally this island was the setting for a standalone story, Betty the warrior penguin. But when I created the whole world I thought it could fit in the map with just a couple of adjustments.

Penguin Refuge is shaped like a penguin, and it detached from the eastern coast of Ice Flower Island a long time ago.

Penguin Refuge is inhabited mostly by penguins, as the name suggests. All right, all right, you got me! I love penguins; they’re my favourite animal ever.

In the north-eastern part of the island there is Mizu the city where the fighting penguins are from. They’re specialist in martial arts and in particular fighting with food and kitchen objects. This is a tribute to Rumiko Takahashi, one of my favourite mangaka. She makes her characters fight with everything. So I guessed I could put it here.

This village is traditional Japanese style, dresses included.

Then before the Fairy Alps there is Ice Splinter which is the village of the fisher-penguins! They live on fishing and they store such a big quantity of them to sell to the other villages as well.

I mentioned the Fairy Alps already when I talked about Ku, where the ice fairies live. Although they’re nicer than their counterpart of Ice Flower Island, they’re still very unfriendly.

Further south there is a lake area, where cold drink penguins live, called Heart at Mirror lake, because they’re only two but identical and specular.

In front of the southern coast there is another island called Drop, like the one in Ice Flower. Here and around that area live the talking seals. The biggest part of the community lives on the smaller island, in a place called Nagara.

To be honest with you, like it wasn’t clear already, this is my favourite ice island. Despite her climate and harsh environment I think about that always with a sunny image in my head.

And once again I have to leave you.

I’ll see you tomorrow with another dodgy place, the quick sand.|


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