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O as Orange


As I mentioned in my previous post, today I’m going to bring you for the first time in the deepest part of the ocean. We’ll go down and down until we reach that part of the under the sea territory inhabited by different beings.

Before the challenge will be over you’ll see another couple of places from the under the sea realm so I’ll give you a general introduction here. The very bottom of the ocean is divided more or less in seven slices of land, each of them corresponding to a colour of the rainbow. As you will see from the pictures the water is coloured accordingly of the lightest hue of red, orange, yellow and so on.

Each slice of land is inhabited by different kind of beings and at the very centre there is a neutral zone, the one where a temple and a small city is located. Along with that, another neutral slice, as we can call it, is where Shiny Deep is placed, in between the red and the violet slices. Shiny Deep is the equivalent of Mories only under water.

Orange is the slice occupied by fish-folks. You can think of any kind of fish you know but with human form. Of course there are many of them that are just fish, but this big ones who can walk and talk are living mainly here. The most of them are merchants and they run the Shiny Deep market.

At the very south of Orange, past the ridge of mountain that cuts it pretty much in half, there is the big capital. On the north side of the ridge there are two cities and three little hamlets. The last one is the only inhabited area before the Lost Abyss which is the sea beyond the known land.

In the picture I portrayed a particular of the chain of mountains. As you can see it’s made of corals and hence very sharp and impossible to climb over unless you’re using one of the guarded door, like the one the armed fish is guarding in my representation.

The reason of this falls in a money related matter. The capital city is where the richest merchants dwell and for the poor it’s impossible to get on the other side unless a heavy toll is paid at the door.

I know, I know! Only this last bit can trigger at least a couple of stories. I’m thinking about that no worries.

I leave you here for now!

Tomorrow take the coat with you, I’ll bring you back to an ice island!


What do you think about that?

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