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N as Net



As I mentioned in my previous post, Net is the hunter village located in the wood in the south eastern part of Mories.

The villagers are all hunters, women included, and even if in the later part of their life they’re covering other roles, there was a moment in their early years in which they took a weapon and went to kill a beast.

The most famous meeting every year is the Hunting Festival, that happens every Seventh Red of Metal and it lasts one season.

Following there is an excerpt from my short story Hunting Festival, where the chief villager explains the rules of the hunting festival:

“I’ll remind you of the rules: you can use every weapon of your choice and you can hunt every prey you choose, everywhere in the country or in the world. I’ll see you here in exactly one month. The winner will be the one who will hunt the heaviest amount of prey. In case two contestants are equal (the weight of the bunch of games is the same – note by Franny) the catch will be judged on the rarity and beauty! And now good luck to you all”

I came out with the idea of Net during a workshop of Creative Writing. I had to do an exercise but it was a bit difficult and being slightly annoyed, I called the main three characters with similar names: Mor and Mia were siblings and Nem was their friend.

But then working on the piece and thinking about that I found a perfect location for the place and for them as characters. They’re once again potential characters for not only a short story, but also for a novel! Well, yes, looking for the details about the festival I realized that I have the first two chapters of the book in my computer.

The main characteristic of Net, other being inhabited by only hunters, is that all the people living there have three letters long names. Something born from the boredom gave a distinctive characteristic! Other than the three characters I mentioned already, you can notice from the picture, the lady from the inn is called Mei.

Well I think that’s it for today, and I’ll see you tomorrow with another place of Sonrisa. We’ll visit together one of the countries I created as part of the Under the Water realm!

I hope I hooked your attention!

Bye bye for now! 


4 thoughts on “N as Net

  1. I’ve always been a fan of war-centered cultures, always enjoyable to read them in fiction! My fantasy series has a barbarian city with a similar focus on battle, although the women do not fight. It’s always refreshing to read a different style, as it’s the type of fantasy world/village/city/etc. that a lot of people think is too one dimensional. The variety is there, though!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment! Uh a barbarian city! It sounds interesting! I have a few warriors scattered in my world here and there and I love the idea of strong women!

      • Strong women are growing increasingly popular in fiction! Before lone it’ll be a new thing to write strong men. 😛

      • Ahahaha you might be right! But I do because I believe in strong women(…and actually because I’d love to be one!), not because it’s fashon, as to speak!

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