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M as Mories


Mories is one of the two medieval styled countries of my world. It is located north from Black Dragon at the extreme west of the main island. The other one is Sunbeam which is on the far other side.

You have to think about the main island as a smiling mouth basically, so the two counties I’m talking about are at the two opposite corners.

While Sunbeam is the core of the culture, as I mentioned before, Mories is the core of the market and the craft. All the merchant sooner or later come to Mories market, known as Sparia. It is actually so big and permanently installed in the plain outside the castle that they thought it deserved a name, like it was a city.

If you cannot find an item in Sparia is highly unlikely that you could find it anywhere else. This means that every day there are thousands of people travelling through all the country for business mostly. The down side of the situation is that because of that many accident and incident can happen everywhere in the country. And this means that the police, which is not necessarily the army of the country, is well developed here, along with spy and detective network.

A part from a high mountain chain in the very south, which is the very same Defence Mountain we found in Black Dragon and which here is called Dragon’s jaw, Mories is a plain land surrounded by the sea and cut though all its length by a river, Sera.

This position makes the whole land very fertile, and along with the market, its field are great part of the economic support.

On the west coast there is a village of fishermen called Minato and then in the south in the middle of the wood there is a village of hunters called Net, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow!

Because of the busy life of the country, the resting place for the inhabitants is under the mountains. This can let the people rest in peace and also the relatives stay alone with their thoughts, far from the mess of the business life.

In the picture I included I tried to portray a particular of the market life, where entertainment, food and sellers are living all together.

And I think that’s that for the moment again! I’ll see you tomorrow with Net, the hunter village.

This is just an overview of Mories, but feel free to ask more details in the comments! I’ll be pleased to answer!


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