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L as Liquorice Village


Here and there you have some typical Dough Land vegetation! Like The PieFlowers and Marshmallow Bushes!

As I told you before this is the last stop in Dough Land. For a little while you won’t hear about this anymore, unless I’ll have one of my flash ideas that I absolutely have to share with you!

So last stop is Liquorice Village.

Liquorice Village is in the southern part of the country beside the Chocolate Lake.

Liquorice region is in front of the Chocolate one and it’s where Rainbow D. Fran comes from. You heard already about her so I won’t bother you again…at least in this occasion!

Liquorice Village is the place where all kinds of liquorice come from. They’re usually opener than the rest of their countrymen and from time to time it is possible to see a few couples made of a liquorice person and someone else coming from abroad.

The map of Liquorice Village looks like a giant liquorice roll with basically one main street that goes round and round from the bridge across the Sweet River till you reach the main square.

Further south, not far from one of the secondary streets of the village, there is a very small hamlet with farms and a café and an inn. They’re close to the Fields.

The Fields is what I tried to portrait in my picture above. They’re not normal fields, but Baby Fields to be precise. Into the ground, which is mixed with liquorice, parents plant their offspring. And after a while you have babies made of liquorice.

This is one of the many tributes I scattered in my fantasy world. In particular this is a tribute to the Barbapapa. When I was a child and I saw that episode I thought it was awesome. If you want to have a look at it I found the video on YouTube. It’s in French, but you don’t need to follow the dialogue to understand, they barely speak! I don’t know French by the way! It’s a short video, less than 3 minutes and if you want to understand what I mean just look at the second half of it!

Of course there are normal births as well, because as I said several people are married with people from abroad!

My alter ego Fran and her twin are a perfect example. I suspect that in the family there were at least a couple of people from Funny Jungle. This would explain Dan’s monkey tail and Fran’s butterfly wings!

And I think that’s that for today! I’ll see you tomorrow in Mories with a nice overview of the country!

Leave your comments below and please let me know what you think!


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