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J as Jungle


As I said yesterday, today’s post will be about a place more mysterious and dangerous than every previous place I’ve described so far. Yes, maybe even more than Black Dragon.

The Jungle is situated in the heart of another island of Sonrisa archipelago: Funny Jungle. As you can imagine the island takes its name from the main green spot.

The Jungle takes only a little bit over one third of the whole island but it’s guarded all around by the tribes living on Funny Jungle, as it’s very dangerous.

Tales from the beginning of the eras talk about people entering into the Jungle and never getting back home. Some of them were seen many years later, but in the same state and age they were when they disappeared.

Because of the high danger of this place, twelve tribes of animal-men live on the shores all around the island, as to say all around the jungle, in order to warn people for travelling into the green.

The danger of the Jungle, a part from the huge animals living in there and carnivorous plants, are the floating portals. You hear just a noise like a rustling of wings and nothing more, after that you’re gone. Where? Nobody knows for certain. When? Nobody knows either but it’s still an option.

The portals are continuously floating around the Jungle and they’re invisible. If there is a minimum of noise you won’t hear the rustling, hence you’re caught.

It is said that they were created by accident by the tribe of Guardians, cat-people, in one of the intestine wars of the island. From then anyway peace reigned on the land.

The Jungle is visited anyway and the tribes use its resources to live on them, but they know that in order to enter into the Jungle, they need to tie themselves on a tree before they go in, so there is less probability to be sucked into a portal. It seems you need a lot of strength and luck to get out of a portal anyway, and the few people who managed in doing so, couldn’t tell what was on the other side, as they were too worried in coming back alive.

A couple of them can swear there saw a dragon though. But on the other hands dragon’s pups seems wandering into the inner parts of the Jungle. Whether they came through the portal from another era or were born there it is still a mystery.

So what do you think? Isn’t that cool?

To be honest, I’m a scare cat, but still I’d love to jump into one portal and see where it would bring me!

What about you?


2 thoughts on “J as Jungle

  1. I love that the picture captures the mystery of unknown plants and an inviting, exciting, though dangerous location. I love the idea of portals too, though I would also be pretty nervous. I’m only as adventurous as the people I am with. I wouldn’t be too keen on trying one out on my own!

    Michelle @ In Media Res

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