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I as Ice Flower Island

The one in the corner is one  of Cold Drinks Penguins! In particular the one producing cold mint drink!

The one in the corner is one of Cold Drinks Penguins! In particular the one producing cold mint drinks!

With this post we go back to one of the smaller islands.

This time I’ll introduce to you one of the coldest: Ice Flower Island.

With Penguin Refuge, Ice Flower it’s one of the islands of ice. In the very beginning the two of them were a unique bigger island but then Penguin Refuge detached and floated towards north east direction.

Ice Flower can be described as a huge floating ice block, standing in between the Mood Sea on the west side and the Iced Sea on the east side.

The eastern coast looks like a penguin profile, and it’s the part where Penguin Refuge once was located.

In the north part of the country there is the lake area, which I have portrayed in my picture. The Iced Lakes are three huge heart shaped lakes, with the pointed part almost touching each other. It’s here you can find the major Cold Drinks Penguin community. The other one is located in the Cold Forest, still in the north of the island but in the eastern part. Walking towards the north through the forest there is the port.

Ice Flower is divided in half by the Iced Alps, a very high chain of mountain, of which I’ll speak more in the “K” post. On the Alps dwell Ice Fairies, in many different small hamlets, for the only reason they cannot live together.

At the very south-west you can find a village, Napora. It is the village where the humans live. They’re supposed to be the guardians of the island, there to check that the fairies aren’t going too far in their magic practice.

Instead in the south-eastern part of the island there is a small island which forms a corridor with the coast. And south from there you find an island shaped like a drop of water and it’s called Drop. The community of talking seals lives in between these two islands.

I wouldn’t visit Ice Flower unless it’s strictly necessary, while I’d love to see its counterpart, Penguin Refuge. It’s cold and people aren’t that friendly, in particular the fairies.

As you can imagine, in this island inhabitants are prone to evil much easier. I’d take then a quick tour and then move away!

What do you think? Would you live there? Would you rather visit it?

I’ll see you tomorrow with the Jungle, a more mysterious and even more dangerous place.


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