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H as Harmony Valley



As I promised yesterday I’m introducing you a brighter country today: Harmony Valley.

This is the most classical fairy tale land in my fantasy world and it’s almost always bright and sunny and happy country.

If you wanted to have a look at Harmony Valley from the sky, you could see that it’s shaped like the Scotland flag. In the very center of the country there is a big lake surrounded by three different kind of flowers and all together this area is called The Garden.

From The Garden four different rivers flow diagonally till the sea in four different direction, because due to magic their course is going from the lake to the sea. Flowing in north-east direction you have Kita, to north-east you have Higashi, to south-east you have Nishi and to south-west there is Minami.

The name of the four river simply are the name of the cardinal points in Japanese. I love the language and I thought once again that it could spice up a little bit the flavor.

The particular I captured in the picture is the Wooden Bridge that goes across Minami river, because it’s the biggest and the most dangerous. Its waters seem still like a lake, but once into it strong currents bring you down and you can drown in a second. I got the inspiration watching my partner playing at World of Warcraft, a similar bridge was somewhere in there and I fell in love with it.

In Harmony Valley mainly live fairies and guardians. Fairies are divided in different tribes. The biggest community comes from Spice Wood from the east part of the country, but I’ll talk more about them at the letter X, as the main village of the wood is named Xylum!

The garden hosts three different communities: Lions, Bells and Bones. Each one of them focus on different aspect of life and stress on the importance of feelings or science or strategy.

Bones are the only element in the country that could be considered prone to evil. As it happened with Black Dragon I couldn’t be at the other extreme here with only good and sweet beings. In the real world it doesn’t work this way!

In the southern and in the western part of the country I put the two guardian communities. Guardian of animals in the south and Guardians of plants and trees in the west. They are small magical beings who take care and cure animals and plants and are the best of the whole world in their role.

Harmony Valley is important also because it hosts the Lady Oak. Lady Oak is a gigantic Oak tree hosting the five elements, Flame, Wave, Mother, Oak, Shade and Fantasy who created Sonrisa.

Now, because I’m not sure about this bit, the tree is appearing and disappearing from the maps I’m continuously drawing. I’ll let you know for sure when I’ll have clear idea about that!

Harmony Valley is mainly a plain country and here and there in the field are growing magical flowers and plants under guardians’ care. You can have something substituting modern things, like News Flowers, which have to be grown together; each bunch display the same things on the petal, even if the flowers, once grown to the full form, are planted in different countries. So if for example from Sunbeam, which is the core of the culture, journalists are writing news, in every village or city, the News Flower will show the news.

And this is as usual just a bit of the whole things you could find in here! I hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll see you tomorrow with another small island, Ice Flower! 


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