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G as Ghost Land


Ghost Land is one of the countries in the main island. I usually consider it as twin country of Nameless Land as the Lonely River flows exactly in between, giving them more or less the shape of two contiguous rectangles.

In the very centre of the river there is a big island, called Guardian Island, a mysterious and eerie piece of land where the most powerful beings live.

At first glance Ghost Land might give you the impression to be a creepy country. The sky is almost always cloudy and lead coloured, very often it rains; every village and forest and shore is immersed in the deepest silence, you almost think nobody lives there (that’s why I called it Ghost Land). Also the different kinds of beings living there are usually known for being evil.

But not everything is at it seems: Ghost Land in truth is a land of peace and reflection where magic lingers in its brighter form and the evil is constantly fought but the good will of the beings who live there.

In the far east of the country there is a small forest where the werewolf tribe lives. They originally came from Black Dragon Kingdom, but they settled here in order to attempt to escape their nature, clutching to their human side. They cannot stop themselves sometimes but they keep trying in order to defeat the evil beast inside them.

Guarding the forest and representing the concentration of pure goodness you can find Oladonos Village, inhabited mainly by humans. Wizards and witches live there and they use elements powered magic. Also they’re great healers, second only to Sunbeam doctors and Blue healers.

In the south you have Vampire Ruins and of course the place is property of a few vampire families, who decided to leave Black Dragon, the evil counterpart. Now, this doesn’t mean they’re good either but they mainly follow the general rule of live and let live.

The north and north-western part of the country is covered by a big thick and dark forest, The Ancient Forest. This wooded area is full of animals but most of all packed with ghosts. When someone dies of natural death, his or her ghost appears into this forest.

Their presence is very important though, as they offer the main part of the natural resources the country lives on: ghost silk, ghost blood and light globes. In the picture I drew you have sample of these globes. They’re used in the world as substitution of electricity, we can say, although the main use for them is generate light.

In the very north-western part of the forest there is the banshee castle, where Ciara, the queen banshee lives. She’s the one helping Sonrisa with her visions and one of the main characters of my books.

And I think that’s it for today.

Let me know what you think! And please feel free to ask me questions in the comments below if you want to know more!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a brighter country, Harmony Valley.


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