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F as Fire Bloom Island

This is the worse picture of all...but as I said I'm no illustrator! It should be a bit of Magma River!

This is the worse picture of all…but as I said I’m no illustrator! It should be a bit of Magma River!

With this post I’ll introduce you a new island: Fire Bloom.

Fire Bloom is one of the smallest islands of Sonrisa archipelago. It’s located in the north-west of the map and it’s associated with the fire element.

Fire Bloom is the hottest island of all and surrounded by the Boiling Sea, where you can fish the most famous Already Cooked Fishes.

In order to drop anchor at the port, a ship needs to circumnavigate the whole island up to the far north-west part, where the Stone Steps are.

Over the first stone step the heat of the water is acceptable even for the most delicate ships, the goods can be disembarked there, and foreign people can wait in the inn for the time they need to acclimatize with the temperature.

Fire Bloom is mostly plain and bare land due to the temperature; you can find the volcano Volly in the south-east part almost on the coast, the Magma River running from Fire Lake on the east side across the whole island until it flows into the sea on the south-western coast.

In the western part you have a huge forest called the Burning Forest. As the name suggests it’s burning all the times in an endless magic fire.

There are different kinds of beings living in this country: humans, fire-fairies and elementals of fire.

Every tribe has its own place to live in, according to their nature and preferences.

Fire Bloom folks are usually very friendly and very passionate, that’s why sometimes even the smaller joke can turn into a tragedy and big drama.

Despite that, though, usually members of different tribes don’t choose a partner from a different one. When it happens the couple is seen a bit as outsider, well the most of the times.

There would be much more to tell you about Fire Bloom but I can’t write more in this post as my lunch break is over! Ah ah!

I hope it made you wondering what else is there and hook your curiosity.

One again I’ll be pleased to answer to all your questions!

I’ll see you tomorrow with an eerie country, Ghost Land.


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