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Etysop Land



When I was filling the map and creating Sonrisa I decided that one of the countries would include some weird feature like the opposites. I didn’t know at the beginning what should be opposite of what and I thought a lot about that.

Eventually I decided that it must be something about the size. And thus I resolved that what is normally big should be small and vice versa.

I think that now you understand better the picture I drew and I included in this post. The one you see on the flower isn’t a fairy, but a normal human being. She just happens to be small compared to the flower she’s sitting on. In other words, as in the normal world and in the other Sonrisa’s countries people are normally bigger than flowers or rabbits or grass, in Etysop Land they’re just smaller. For the same reason the rabbit is eating the forest foliage rather than feeding on normal grass like all the good rabbits do.

The name comes from the “opposite” word spelled backwards and cut before the end; also I substituted the “i” with the “y” to give it a nicer look. I hope it makes sense.

Etysop Land is mainly a plain country. It displays a chain of small mountains in the south and then a beach at the very north. Because of the nature of this land it happens that some sand grains could be bigger than the Micro Mountains peaks.

The huge animals living there are used as means of transport. So you have a ladybird for one person, a wasp for two people and you have for example caterpillar used as we could use a bus or a train.

Etysop Land sustains itself with agriculture and it produces such large quantity of vegetables that they’re enough for export as well.

On the boundaries there are size spells permanently working. They enable to enlarge the Etysop people when they leave the country and at the same time to shrink people coming from abroad.

From time to time there are exceptions to the rules but the majority of them are usually outlaw and severely punished.

You can recognize people coming from that area anyway because they dress in South American style dresses. I decided they could resemble this part of the world because I like the warmth of people living there. Major inspiration, as usual, is my dear friend Lucia!

I’d like to visit that part of Sonrisa too. I guess it would be great climbing on a lady bird and flying around!

I know I start to say that too often, but it’s true. My world maybe isn’t that good and maybe is stupid and childish, but I love it.

And once again I’ll leave you here and I’ll see you on Monday for the next stop, Fire Bloom Island!

Let me know if you’re enjoying the travel!


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