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D as Dough Land

You want to excuse the poor state of this post. I didn’t go to work as I said yesterday but I was at the A&E this morning at 6a.m. with my child. She’s better now…well she will be better hopefully soon but I’m very tired. I want to take five minutes to myself to post this blog and jot down the letter E post for tomorrow, since I have to go to work.


This is the entrance of Sweet Moment.

This is the entrance of Sweet Moment.

You have already read the description of Ame Village and Chocolate Town before. They are both part of Dough Land, country of sweets and promised land for greedy people. Later on during the month you’ll read about Liquorice Village as well. After that, I promise you won’t hear from this country for a while.

Why do I love the sweets? I’ve always have but lately I’ve been trying to stick on diet! When I put pen on paper to list the potential places of Sonrisa I could use during the challenge, I came out with mainly places from this part of my world. At least on writing I think I can exaggerate with sugar!

Also, Dough Land is the country already shown more than the others in my book, blog posts and short stories and I’d love to keep some suspense for the rest of the islands.

So what about Dough Land?

Dough Land is shaped like a big slice of cake and it’s divided in five regions.

Under the Alps of Dark Chocolate you have the chocolate region and the liquorice region; moving toward north there are the two twin regions: gingerbread and cookies. At the very north you finally have the candy region.

There is a long river called Sweet River running from the mountains to the Sugar Sea. Its waters are sweet of course and change their main ingredients as they come across each region. So Sweet River is made of chocolate at the beginning and then it switches into liquid liquorice to change again into custard and chocolate in the centre of its flow. Finally it passes through the candy region becoming pure liquid sugar.

There are three main lakes. The first is at the foot of the hills in the south, it’s called Chocolate Lagoon. The other two small lakes are in the very centre of each Dough Land twin regions, one made of custard and the other one of dark chocolate.

Of course I invented a great quantity of different flowers and plants you could find in the whole country. You must be a sweet hater to linger in the huge number of flowers, plants and bushes without having your mouth watering.

Before I leave you I should warn you: beware the expired cream monsters! They’re born in the Alps during the hottest season from the previous whipped cream left to rotten in the heat and taking life on its own! They’re usually exterminated by hunters coming from Chocolate Town.

So what do you think? Which region would you choose to live in?

I’d love either chocolate region or candy region…but I’m sure you guessed that already!       


9 thoughts on “D as Dough Land

      • Thanks but it’s not enough for a wanna be writer! I’m working on it anyway and I hope to improve even more! Thanks for your support! It means a lot!

      • Hey, then we are in this together! I’m a newbie wanna be writer. I can’t even see a problem with your English here in BlogO’Sphere as you are doing quite well.
        I think you need to give yourself a bit more credit!

      • Thanks! I really need support! I know that maybe I sound arrogant because I’m trying to write in a language that it’s not my native but I love it and I want to try as hard as I can! Thanks again Victoria!

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