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C as Chocolate Town

Sorry for the delay but Maya is very sick today. So I guess the rest of the post as well will be lower than the normal standards. Apologies in advance also for the next few post to come, as I’ll be working on Friday and Saturday!


With this post we go back to Dough Land, the country for greedy people.

Chocolate Town as you can easily guess is the town dedicated to chocolate. I’m greedy myself and chocolate is something I have problems to give up eating. It’s rare I don’t like a sweet or a desert if chocolate is involved!

Chocolate region is located in the south, at the foot of the milk chocolate hills, in the shadow of the Dark Chocolate Alps.

People live in houses made of chocolate, biscuits, marshmallow and sugar canes and so on. Also they’re made out of chocolate themselves.

Babies are extracted in the mines and as their candy counterpart they have the expiry date carved on their butts.

In the mountains you have ore, veins of chocolate, of any kind you can think about. A couple of them are children ores and you can extract a son or daughter for you.

In the same area you have Sweet Moment, the heritage centre/amusement park I used for my book of last NaNoWriMo. Not only it’s the place where the majority of Dough Land people work, but also is the biggest attraction of the whole Sonrisa.

Beside Sweet Moment there is the big factory, second only to the amusement park on offering the countrymen a living. From here all the sweets are packed and prepared to be sold in the markets and exported in the northern islands!

In the picture I drew you have a portion of the park situated in the very centre of the town. Chocolate Town map has the shape of a typical chocolate bar but in the centre they left space for some nature to grow.

When I started to think to Dough Land layout I thought to insert a region of chocolate for two reasons: firstly because I love chocolate and secondly because I thought it would be great to have within your reach any kind of chocolaty bits and pieces you could fancy, any time you craved them.

Just imagine. You want some dark chocolate, you bite a bench, but then you think that you want some caramel chocolate and you can bite maybe an umbrella.

Of course Chocolate people don’t go around biting each other, but it’d be fun having a day off there.

What do you think?


What do you think about that?

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