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B as Black Dragon



 Black Dragon Kingdom is the core of the evil in my world. Usually the baddies I use for my stories are from there. Also you have loads of nasty creatures, along with the mean version of more chaotic ones. In other words in Black Dragon you’ll find all the wicked humans, werewolves and vampires, along with beasts you don’t want to meet even in a very sunny day!

This doesn’t mean that the evil is only there; as it happens in real world evil can spread even where you less expect it. Still the concentration here is strong.

At the same time this doesn’t mean that in that county you have only mean beings, in fact you also have poltergeist (which in my fantasy world are ghost of murdered people) and individuals living in the mines and treated like slaves, not only for the extraction but as bodies used for black magic.

And finally you have those who are using the place as hideout, pirates! They’re not as evil as the other people living there, and this is really something to say! At least they have a behaviour code!

Those who live in Black Dragon are usually extremely handsome and the more they are the more evil they behave. There is a but, though. You cannot spend your entire life only harming people, otherwise you’re going to die very soon, usually exploding like a rubber balloon. This is called the Exploding End and its stage is marked by a black spot people have on their arms or legs, when the mark goes too big, the end is near. So, from time to time these people are usually forced by their own nature to act kindly, in their own limits, to avoid death. I know it sounds selfish, and it is, but it’s something good compared to what they usually perform.

The country landscape is very harsh, almost all rocks. There is a marsh, rivulets only in the Defence Forest, and a river at the foot of the Defence Mountains.

The main Sonrisa island is a smiling mouth and Black Dragon is the side of the smile that was turned upside down during the Big War. There is almost no happiness at all in that part of the world.

The aim of Black Dragon is to bring down the other side of the smile and conquer the whole world.

In the above picture I drew a particular of the king’s castle, which is built inside the remains of a dragon. His bones are the supporting structure, while the skin constitutes the castle walls. You can see a window chiselled immediately at the end of the dragon’s neck!  

And that’s it for today!

As I said before, ask me question in the comments below and I’ll be pleased to answer.


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