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A as Ame Village



Sorry for the style, but I’m not a good illustrator!

Ame Village is one of the main inhabited sites of Dough Land.

It is located in the far north of the country, in what is called the Candy region. Ame Village is the place where the majority of candy people live, mainly in tall and twisted coloured buildings, shaped like sugar canes.

In the picture I made I tried to give you an example of the building area. Ame Village gives on the Sugar Sea and it hosts the only Dough Land port.

The Sugar Sea is famous for its sweet waters and its lollipop fishes.

Not far from Ame Village you have a huge caldron called the Big Pot, which is the place where candy folks are born.

When I created Dough Land and I decided the regions, I came out with the candy one out of nostalgia.

When I was a child my mum used to bring my brother and me to a puppet show during the summer.

I remember that along the other treats there were these candies, fresh made every day.

They come in sticks or in big squares and in orange, strawberry, lemon and mint flavour as far as I can remember. I’ve never found these sweets again; many similar but nothing as good as the originals.

I’d say that Ame Village is a kind of tribute to my favourite sweet as a child.

Also, I chose the name using the Japanese language.

Ame means rain but also candy, so to give it an exotic twist I decided to use it for the name of this village.

Ame Villagers, as I said, are made out of candy and different in colour, depending on the batch cooked in the Great Pot.

As all the inhabitant of Dough Land they have the expiry date carved on their butt so if they want they can ignore it, like the normal human beings.

I know my posts are shorter this year but I cannot do more than that, sorry! I hope you enjoyed the first insight on Sonrisa and I’ll see you tomorrow!

And remember, feel free to ask me questions in the comments below! I’d love to know what you are curious about as I’d love to give you more information! Plus, I’d love to have your feedback on my work too! 


6 thoughts on “A as Ame Village

    • Thanks so much! This part of my world is one of the most fairy tale-ish! Even when I rose the target for my book readers I couldn’t get rid of the land of sweets, it was too cruel! Glad you liked it!

  1. I adore this, “As all the inhabitant of Dough Land they have the expiry date carved on their butt so if they want they can ignore it, like the normal human beings.” Such imagination and humor in this first post. I’ll be back for more glimpses into the Places of Sonrisa:)

    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

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