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A – Z participant

It’s almost April, everybody!

Do you what it means? It’s time for A-Z blog challenge!

I discovered A-Z blog challenge last year and I fell in love with it as I did with NaNoWriMo before.

For those who don’t know what it is, I’ll give a brief recap! A-Z challenge asks you to write twenty-six posts in a month, each one of them corresponding to an alphabet letter! You might rest on Sundays! The post can be random or you can give them a theme, but the most important thing is to have fun!

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, new writers and make your blog known in the blogosphere. Also, it is a good excuse to be left alone one for once and being able to write more. I mean, if we add this to November, it’s just two months in a year I can ask for a very strict writing routine!

Last year I decided to interview my characters and it was very funny. I created a few new ones, whenever I didn’t have the letters covered.

I promised I would use them sooner or later and I will, I just didn’t have time or place to do it so far.

If you want to know more about this great initiative you can press the following link.

For the moment I’m a participant and the theme of this year will be Places of Sonrisa.
I decided to describe one place of my fantasy world for every letter. Also I tried to jot down an acceptable picture of each one of them.

I hope you enjoy them! And happy challenge!


8 thoughts on “A – Z participant

      • Yeah, it was tempting, but I have a story to finish and then need to get two other ones written for PL anthologies, so I decided not to put too much on my plate – better have fewer things done, but meet all the deadlines.
        I’m glad you’re doing it, though! I’ve read both posts and thought of some comments, but it would be mostly grammar/language use, so I don’t know if you want them (especially that I wouldn’t be sugar-coating things).

      • It’s ok if you want to correct grammar and stuff but at the moment I’d love to know what people think about the post content! Don’t you like them? Or is the grammar issue too disturbing?

  1. I get paid to translate and proofread, so grammar just catches my eye by default 🙂 (professional problem, you know, same goes with books I read).
    I might put my comments together and send them to you in bulk.
    In general the posts seem to be aimed for younger readers (8-12): both the content and the writing, though in the end it might be the issue with their format (they are part of a challenge).

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