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And we’re in March again, ladies and gentlemen! And as aficionados of my blog do you remember what it means right?



I love Care Bears and thanks for whomever did this!

Yes, Paddy’s day!

How do I prepare for the event?

Oh well, you know me, gathering make up, nail polish and green wig, tops with all the typical Irish mottos…

No, nothing of the sort. I’m not a big of fan of fashion but I’d prefer it at the moment!

Do you know what this is?


It’s one of the girders composing the structure of the building I work in! Yes, on Saturday the 15th and on Sunday the 16th I’ll be in the first line to welcome the thousands of customers who’ll visit the museum next to the factory of the most famous stout.

You might say: Franny but Paddy’s is on the 17th! Aren’t you a bit exaggerating this?

If you don’t believe me, check the numbers in this post, and this and also this.

These are testimonials of my experience from last year. As you can see St Patrick’s day is the quietest!

Of course I’m trying to prepare better for the war this time and I’m setting a menu, and cutting salad ingredients, fruit and veggies in advance in order to leave the level of meal preparation at minimum in the following days.

Of course last chance will be calling the take away but I’m still trying to do my best to stick to the diet.

I cannot promise you that my future posts on the weekend will be funny like the past three, because I was assigned to another area, where the exposure to the weird is at its minimum…well, kind of.

But you also know that everything can change last minute and most of all, considered I’m working with customers (and remember, tourists!) everything is possible!

So I’ll leave you for the moment! I hope I’ll survive! And I hope you’ll enjoy the celebration wherever you are!!!


What do you think about that?

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