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Thanks, Mr.Card!

As I previously mentioned in my posts, I’m studying one of the books by Orson Scott Card, How to write Science fiction & Fantasy.

Although I’ve never read one of his stories, I know him by name and I’m aware that he’s a very good storyteller! I have to say that I feel indirectly flattered by what he writes in this particular book. I know it might sound mental, but at the same time it’s astonishing for me finding out that I’m doing already or I’m planning to do what he suggests in his book in order to write good stories.

Hey, I told to myself, then it might be that with an awful lot of work you might come out with something good sooner or later!

I’m sure I’m going to try to read at least a couple of his books, but for the moment I leave you with a quote from this particular one, which made me feel very proud, as I’m struggling to find time to do exactly how he suggests.  


“In creating the strange milieu in which you story takes place, you must first understand as well as you possibly can the familiar milieu in which your own life is taking place. Until you have examined and comprehended the world around you, you can’t possibly create a complex and believable imaginary world.

Indeed, one of the greatest values of speculative fiction is that creating a strange imaginary world is often the best way to help readers to see the real world through fresh eyes and notice things that would otherwise remain unnoticed. Speculative fiction is not an escape from the real world, and writing it is not a way to have a literary career without having to research anything! Speculative fiction instead provides a lens thought which to view the real world better than it could ever be seen with the natural eye.

In other words: you can’t know too much”


Speaking of researching and learning!


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Mr.Card!

  1. I have that book too and also haven’t read any of his work yet! Very helpful book and quite cool looking, too. 😛

    I read it at least once a year. 😀

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