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The impossible list

I was thinking about my last post and I realized that maybe you could have found it too heavy and negative. This is maybe because you don’t know what my lists looked like at the very beginning.

I’ve been struggling since I can remember but until I moved to Ireland the lists didn’t include writing duties as I took my dream back only recently- well 7 years ago, as it is.

Plus, it might be that lately I’m a bit negative, I can give you that, but it’s a tough period. Anyway, believe it or not once I tried to write on a piece of paper how long would it take to complete each activity. Even if I kept a minimum the minutes dedicated to each voice in the list, the result was 52 hours per list! I know, it’s unbelievable!

I considered sleeping every second day but, as you have understood, I don’t work too well with hours short of sleep.

So I started to a drastically shortening of the list.

Little by little I was taking things off the lists and then try to spread the activities thorough all the week- since I understood I couldn’t do everything every single day.

But to give you an idea the following is a list, as far as I remember of course, similar to the ones I use to make.

 So, in an average day I was expecting from me:

Getting up, showering, dressing

Preparing breakfast

Cleaning the house (That was half size compared to the one I have now)


Cooking lunch and dinner

Studying English Grammar

Studying Spanish Grammar

Studying Japanese Grammar

Reading books

Writing a blog post

Studying something for research

Drafting a manuscript

Doing some physical activity


And this is a shorter version than I remember for sure.

Now, do you understand my rant?

Is anybody else out there listing?

I wish it could be this easy!


4 thoughts on “The impossible list

  1. Yes, Franny, I used to do lists and need to NOW, so I can remember to check in with my online friends…at least the special ones, like YOU! You ask too much of yourself at one time.Two languages at once is more than enough. Don’t burn yourself out, my dear.

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