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New Plan

I think that I can be called the woman of the thousand lists. It sounds like an epic name, isn’t it? But as it happens all the times, at the base of the legend there is a hint of truth!

I’ve always done lists but it’s a complicated relationship. I love them, because they make me feel organized and in control and comfortable. However, at the same time they’re the things that can frustrate me more than anything else. The reason is that I never check all the voices I put into a list. I’ve never had and never will I guess.

The most common comment is that I forget I’m writing a list for a human being and I think that it might be correct. But I promise you, that I try to keep it in mind all the times. My major problem is that I’d love to do so many things that cutting the list becomes an impossible task itself.

Considering that last list was a disaster, the following time I put pen on paper I tried to focus very, very hard on what I really want in life. After that I tried to check first of all what the time I have for me every day is and I was shocked by the result. It happens that the only moment during the day I can claim for myself it’s Maya’s nap, something that can vary from 40 minutes to 2hours, if I’m extra lucky.

Taking into high consideration these factors and trying to avoid the other interests which were screaming in my head to be given at least a minute a month, I think I managed this time!

Surprisingly I can remember what I inserted into the list and how I divided the activities without looking at it, something absolutely not possible before, due to the high quantity of elements in it.

So the essential things I need in order to stay happy and continue to move forward, although slowly, are: writing, reading, studying and blogging.

As I said before the only moment I have for myself are Maya’s naps. So I figured that writing –and after that editing and serious planning and Nano’s session- and blogging –with regular posts, A-Z challenge and drafts included – are to be written during this spells of time.

This means that every day off I have (4 in totals each week) I must decide whether to write a blog post, dedicate it to a novel or to study Orson Scott Card. The latter is a temporary one because I borrowed the book and I feel bad I haven’t had the time to give it back to the owner yet. Eric sorry I’m almost there! Reading the book and not being able to underlining it takes me more time because I need to take more notes.

This leaves the side effects of blogging (mail and comments and visiting blogs), reading and studying aside.

Unfortunately I’m giving up to the fact that the last three voices need to be inserted whenever I have three second and that doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t have backfiring episodes.

So if I keep to be put on the desk on the working weekends I have an hour to sort the emails out and comment wherever is possible (of course if it’s not too busy, because obviously customers come first!).

I can read during lunch breaks, if I decide to skip the meals with my colleagues and in doing so possibly be considered even more asocial that I am at the moment. If I go to bed early, well when I manage to, I can read ten minutes before collapsing. Of course the latter is valid only when my partner let me do so, otherwise it’s like having a second kid needing constant attention.

And as for the study I decided that maybe I can use the smartphone as support, and download books and encyclopaedias on that and bring always with me a small notebook I can use to take notes when I’m using it. Not sure where to put this into the week though! I just thought that less is better than nothing. And I’m aware that it will take me ages but after all, if I’ve been working on my fantasy world for 7 years, 2 or 3 more years won’t harm anybody.

That’s it.

What do you think about that? Because I think it’s awful…sometimes I feel trapped in a cage. And the rest of the times I feel defeated.

If you have suggestions or if you see something I cannot see, please give me your advice!



What do you think about that?

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