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On January by Dr. Franny and Mrs. Myself


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Mrs Myself decided to take part of the following post, there was nothing I could do to stop her.

Why should you? They’re happier to listen to me for sure!


A few post ago I told you my plan for 2014.

As it usually happens I might have done a few mistakes of judgment! I wonder when I’ll manage to make a plan that suits me perfectly!

Shut up Franny, perfection doesn’t exist!

It seems that I’m struggling to understand that for now Maya takes the most of my time. I mean, I’m aware she’s my priority but still I struggle because I’d love to do more of writing and reading.

Yes, you don’t understand, you idiot!

Second problem is that I have to understand that I cannot have everything immediately- to be honest this is a problem I’ve always had.

Don’t you think it’s time to sort this out?

Thirdly, sooner or later I’ll have to convince myself that I need time and effort to get what I want. Although it seems that some people have splendid innate abilities and that doesn’t apply to me, it doesn’t matter. I am who I am!  

People don’t tell you everything! And if you don’t convince yourself, I’m going to strangle you!

Anyway, according to the plan I was supposed to start studying Asian countries, to finish jotting down my world building and late during the month I added the reading of the first five and half chapters of Horror Heritage, as I want to finish it this month and I couldn’t remember much.

I said it already and I won’t tell you again!

As you can see, although I managed with difficulties to check all the voices in the list, I’m changing the original plan, simply because I realized a couple of things.

Enlighten us!

The first one is that, if I want to finish the book, I need to know what I wrote in the first five and half chapters.


You all know that if you write something, in particular quickly, you seldom are able to recollect all the details! So that was an extra bullet point to facilitate the task of keep writing!

Of course! If you only had more time!

Second, as my friend Jo was pointing out in the comment of my previous post, it was impossible to think of doing such a big research in such a small amount of time. As I said though I don’t like waiting but good for me that at least I know when to stop!

I’m not sure you know that! And anyway, you aren’t able to do lists, why do you keep trying!

Since I have a fair idea of the countries I want already to use I think that I have to find a few more that can inspire me badly.

This is the beginning of the end!

So to make the choice in a shorter amount of time I decided to select some criteria to facilitate the task. I printed the list of the country of the world and I use random website to have a look at the folk tales, customs and traditions. If they inspire me I check the country in the list and then I’ll go deeper into details later on.

Great plan! Yes, of course!

And yet I’m changing again my mind because this seems a bit confusing as well. Likewise I’m trying to change the whole yearly plan for the same reason.

And of course you’ll change and you’ll change and you’ll find yourself in the same condition once more at the end of this train of thoughts of yours!

So that’s the summary for last month. What do you think about that? Should I stop writing lists? Should I keep trying? Have you any advice at all for me?

I’ll see you soon with the new and, hopefully, definitive plan and with my notes on the first part of the Horror Heritage personal feedback!

If I were you I’ll skip the next two or three posts!!!


What do you think about that?

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