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Peppa Pig

Since I’ve been sick lately and the good little piggy gave me a great help I decided to dedicate the first post back to Peppa Pig.

Sooner or later I had to tell you my point of view anyway! Don’t tell me you weren’t expecting it.

I’m sick and tired of many things I see around the web, posted by friends and friends of friends and everybody who can use a computer. I just see people getting tired of this cartoon and mocking it all the time with different kind of meme.

Guess what? I’m nobody as many of them but I have my opinion too.

Ok, maybe you can find her face or, most of all, her voice annoying – and if you say so just try the Italian version and you’ll love the UK voice then – mostly because Peppa is everywhere. I also admit that the marketing behind this simple and not even well designed cartoon is gigantic. There are pyjamas, umbrellas, colouring books, t-shirts, paper tissue, toy house and this is just a few items I happen to see in my own house turning around. I might not even have mentioned all the stuff Maya has got featuring the little piggy.

Maybe just because its simplicity Peppa is so appealing for children; after all, you have the most common animals every child recognize as main characters, along with their sounds and less of their habit, but this is another story!

However, the most important thing to consider is that the always present bossy piggy is the most helpful in some occasion. Take me for example, during last week and in particular during the weekend I was completely out and feeling very weak. My partner wasn’t at the top either. So the only option we had was the TV and Peppa because she’s the only one who can distract Maya completely.

Maybe it’s not fair, and don’t think I don’t feel guilty in doing something I promised myself I will never do (using the TV as a baby sitter) but I couldn’t help.

And, a part from that, sometimes during every other day you just need to breathe. Sometimes Maya is so active I cannot hear myself thinking so Peppa is a nice ten minutes break.

So, excuse me, but I think that Peppa was a very clever thing to invent.

Now parents out there, what do you think about that?


What do you think about that?

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