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On Audiobooks!

A year ago I discovered a great source of entertainment: audiobooks! As you can see from my list in reading list! page I started to use them to add more books and enhance my personal knowledge.

Everybody could admit they’re just useful pieces of work. You can listen to them in the car, while walking in the street, while ironing and while the baby keeps you awake during the night!

The latter is exactly the situation I found myself in two nights ago. You were supposed to have another kind of post today, but as Maya decided it was better playing during the night I had no other option than staying in her room on the rocking chair and listening to the audiobook. Then the following night she was awake as well and because yesterday I worked I think I’m going to stick to this blog post!

I was awake from 2.30 till 5.00 but I managed to finish Journey to the centre of the Earth by Jule Verne. As you can see from my list I gave it a very low mark, and I’m very happy I’ve finished it.

I know that there are out there books we don’t like and not everybody can appreciate the same things. But because of that I can tell that only a geologist or an anthropologist can easily appreciate it.

It is a boring book in itself and I’m not referring to the way it is written, I’m perfectly aware that being a classic the style and the choice of words are different from ours. Still the story is simple and almost stupid. But not the Treasure Island simple, or Dracula simple, this one would bore even Maya. Everything that is told into the narration doesn’t bring to anything. It’s a story that goes in circle and doesn’t provoke any other feeling but boredom, in particular in those chapters where he speaks only of geology and anthropology facts.

I didn’t enjoy it. I think that the Doctor Who episode Travel to the centre of the TARDIS was much more exciting!

Anyway, let’s pass on, because I had to start anew with Ozma of Oz as I didn’t remember it from the beginning. Despite the voice of the reader is a bit annoying (I guess that cannot be helped anyway and I don’t want to be hypercritical, I’m just saying that I’ve been a bit unlucky on this point of view lately!) the story is very nice. You see, this is another example of an old book but pleasant to read or to listen to.

Last news about audiobooks is that I found out a marvellous thing: on you tube I can get David Tennant reading books and Shakespeare sonnets!

I’m so so so happy, I could listen forever to his deep and warm voice and of course his sexy Scottish accent!

Here is the first video for you! 

So what do you think? Anyone else has read Jule Verne? And, if so, what do you think about him and his books?

Do you use audiobooks? How and what do you think about them?

Let me know in the comments because I’m very curious!


4 thoughts on “On Audiobooks!

    • I see. My thing is that when I read a book I have images in my head popping out in 3D really. So audio books just help this kind of process as I’m not distracted by the words. I suppose that everybody is different on this topic as well!!! 😀

      • That’s why it is so wonderful to have diversity! My sister never takes the time to read , but she loves stories; she used to write a bit herself.She has had to do a lot of traveling, so audiobooks have been great for her. I think under those circumstances,I would MAKE myself get used to them.
        I hope the year is already a good one for you!

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