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Resolution broken by curiosity!


I knew that! Here you have a picture that proves how weak I am when books are involved!

As I told you before my resolution was finishing the books I started last year and then starting a new one this year.

My problem is that the finale of GOT left me with such a curiosity that I couldn’t help to grab the second volume as soon as the new year started!

Second part of the problem is given by the fact that I didn’t manage to finish to read what I was supposed to. I have to admit I’m pretty satisfied because although I was busy I started December with 1.146 pages to read and two audiobook to listen and at the moment I’m left with 643 pages and still two audio-book but one of them is almost finished!

I thought and hoped to read more during my holiday in Italy but I ended up in being busier than here.

Also once back we caught the vomiting bug. First Maya then me and now my partner.

As usual we’re alone here so we had to call emergency at work and the calling sick…really a nasty beginning of the year…and to be completely honest I start feeling a bit disappointed as well and demotivated.

Let’s hope that the following days will be a bit brighter…meanwhile I’ll try to get better and start regularly with my 2014 plan!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


14 thoughts on “Resolution broken by curiosity!

  1. I think that as long as you read, does it really matter what and whether you finished it? Imagine starting a really bad book… Wouldn’t you prefer to put it away and read something better instead of going through a pain of finishing the bad book?

    • Well yes it make sense, but one of the usual tip you receive is read what you like to learn what you want to do and also read what you don’t like to learn what you have to avoid!I kind of agree on this tip! But most of all I’m stubborn and I have to find all the time a way to test myself!

      • I can see that being true, but as you read more and more you learn that all the bad books are more or less the same. I admire your persistence (stubbornness 😉 ), but I think life is just too short to waste it on bad books. 😀

  2. It’s an addictive series. I bought the first four in a set one weekend, and never looked back. Now I can’t wait for the sixth book, but I’m doing my best to be patient. As for your other reading, it’ll happen in time. The thing I’ve learned about keeping a reading list is that there has to be some flexibility. Good luck, and get well soon!

  3. It’s not a resolution, but I also have a stack of books I want to finish reading.
    What helped is the lack of a paying job through last year… so no new books came in.
    Except for the Hunger Games trilogy which I got for Christmas.

      • I’ve finished the first book. The first person narrative does give a different they no the story and we don’t see what is going on beyond her perception. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, especially in the third book.

      • That’s exactly what hooked me! The first person narrator! Believe me it keeps the same intensity all the way till the end! Let me know once you’re done if you agree!

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