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Plan for the New Year!

I swear, it wasn’t my intention to let you alone again but it seems that lately everything is turning against me.

I just guess I have to take things as they are and everything will be all right…sooner or later.

So just to summarize let me wish you happy belated Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

I came back on the 27th and the flight was just a nightmare. Maya went hysterical during the taking off and the landing, we went through such a turbulence that I thought it was our last flight and we landed so late that we barely managed to reach the bed before collapsing!!!

The day after I was in work at 9.00 sharp and I manage to survive 10 hours shift!

On Sunday however Maya woke up vomiting gastric juices…but it seemed finished soon so I went to work. An hour later, my partner texted me begging for my help and to run home because he couldn’t handle it by himself. Needless to say that it was an anxious day full of vomit, but when we decided to bring Maya to the A&E she fell asleep for the night.

Today we brought her to the GP and I seriously thought that she would kick us out as Maya was so full of energy I could barely believe it myself! It seems gastroenteritis though…

Tomorrow my partner will work from home to keep an eye on her while I’ll break my back in work again.

After that I’ll have to survive through the 1st and the 3rd and hope that everything will fall into the usual routine again, blog posting and mail reading included.

Now, before I pass on my plan for next year I have only to tell a last thing

I have to thank two people before the old year ends: my brother and his lovely partner. They took care of us from when we landed till when we took off! And this is not even the first time.

It was a great experience on this point of view!

I love you two very much!

And now let me introduce to you the plan for the New Year. I promise that I tried to think about me as much as I could as human being! Considering I have a partner and a baby and a house to care of I had to surrender to the reality I cannot do a lot, but a few things per time!

Here you have my plan I divided monthly so I can have more time to meet the goals.

January- I’ll finish the World Building and start to study Asia.

February- I’ll finish my NaNo manuscript…yes I still have to finish it!

March- Europe.

April- A-Z blog challenge and Asia.

May- Africa.

June- America and Canada.

July- South America.

August- Edit NaNo ’13 and Asia.

September- Australia.

October- Plan NaNo ’14 and Asia again.

November- NaNoWriMo.

December- Edit World Building and draw maps with details.


On paper it sounds a good plan. Instead of studying all the subjects in general I decided it will be lighter to divide by continent/areas. So for each one I’ll try to gather information and general knowledge about geography, history, religion, folklore, urban legends, weapons and military history and so on.

What do you think about it? And do you think it would be enough just using internet web sites?

So happy 2014 again and I’ll see you soon on these pages!




6 thoughts on “Plan for the New Year!

  1. Very nice, detailed plan you have here! I am too scared to make one myself as with my current life situation many things are kind of “hanging” and I’m afraid I’d fail the plan.
    I also wonder how deeply you plan on studying different continents – a month per one seems to be very little time (seeing as you are a parent and you work full time). I guess it will be very general and just “getting the flavour”? Military history itself could be a month of study (if not more).

    • Oh yes totally getting the flavour! The point is that I want to get as more inspiration as I can from all this! If you notice the revision of my world building is going to be at the end of the year. Of course I’ll jot down the countries and so on that intrigue me more and I’ll go in a deeper study next year maybe!
      As you said working and minding baby and partner isn’t easy and lately is harder and harder so this is just a way to get used to treat me as human being. A very slow human being and there is a very high chance I’ll never follow the plan but I’m going to try all the same!

      • Best of luck then! I don’t make plans as my life seems to be kicking me whenever I try to make one, so instead I just stick to one goal at a time and revise or put it aside if necessary.

  2. I think it is a very worthwhile endeavor, but I don’t think you are allowing yourself enough time….think about just how different the people seem to be in the different regions of Italy! Do you know HOW many different peoples are in Asia and Africa? I just don’t want you to get overwhelmed.
    I am glad you and Maya are feeling better. I send a hug and prayers for a happy and healthy 2014 for all of you!

    • Don’t you worry! As I said before I want just to have a taste of everything to decide what I need more! The only problem will be to stop me in time before I become anxious! It’s something I still have to learn! I just have to admit I cannot do everything and most of all that something can happen anytime and can ruin your plans!

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