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December, oh December!

You see, I wanted really display the challenge I set for me in December, but I’m at the stage –luckily I might add- in which I’m almost aware I cannot keep going like this! I keep setting challenges for myself and almost every time I don’t win them.

I struggled a lot for NaNo, and I just meet the expectation but I was devastated.

The original challenge for this December set the task of finishing the huge amount of books I started during the year –and not only- and finish them before the end of 2013. But it would mean reading over 1100 pages in total and finishing two audiobooks.

I have to understand that I have a part time -30 hours and very demanding- job, a daughter, a partner and a house. I should also remind myself that I’m a human being and it is fine doing things I like but that setting so impossible tasks, challenges and goals has as only result the raising of my blood pressure level.

I should finish The Dubliners and The Two Towers from last year and then The Game of Thrones, God is not great, How to write science fiction and fantasy. Also I should finish listening to Travel to the centre of the earth and Ozma of Oz.

As I said before, this is nice and even possible if you don’t have nothing else to do, but then, since I’ve started with the blog again, and I want to make my best to be as more present as I can, I realize that I have to make some choices.

So what I decided to do is firstly stop stressing over it and secondly finishing the books that could cause me problems: Game of Thrones in case I have to travel is too heavy and The Dubliners and The Two Towers have made their time. I have to say goodbye to them.

What I hope is to finish them as soon as I can and start afresh some books, but this time one by one. I have no problem in following more stories. As soon as I open the pages my brain connects automatically to the story and pops up in 3D the images connected with that book!

Although it’s funny to agree with my partner describing my reading habit – “She has a book to keep in her bag, one for the toilet, one for the living room and so on…” – I understand it’s too distracting.

So after I’ll finish, from next year I’m going to stick to one book per time!!!

I won’t make any list this year. I’m not going to stick to that anyway, but I aim to read books one by one!

Is there anybody else who has my same problem?

And most of all, I address you who read a book a week…how do you manage?

I know I’m slow, and I feel guilty because being an aspiring writer would require more books read! Hence the question: do you have any suggestion to improve the situation?


What do you think about that?

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