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NaNo Over

And we’re in December, ladies and gentlemen, and I don’t have more excuses. NanoWriMo is over and I can dedicate myself to my blog again!

As you for sure have noticed ten days have already passed without me writing a word but I have my good reason.

I had to work more than usual last week and then dedicate the weekend to my family! But I missed my blog tremendously, I swear!

I’m so so so sorry I hadn’t update it like I wanted to during November, but it was a struggle and a very busy month.

Now I’m proud to announce that I made it!!!


 Actually I made it just about. I won with 50.036 words but I cannot complain, because I relaxed as soon as I validate it.


The important for my self-confidence was to win the challenge and I managed it.

Actually I hit the 50k words on the 29th and I have to pat myself on the back because I started on the 7th as I was in Italy for the first days of November. This makes me happy, because I managed in less than one month.

On the top of that I had my 30 hours job to attend and my 24/7 mum duty to attend and also I had to spend a couple of hours with my partner in the evening and make sure that the house wasn’t falling apart. Ah and I managed to keep to the diet…not as strictly as I wanted to, but I’ve even lost a kilo.

So maybe there is a valid reason why I feel tired!

On the good side, however, I have to admit that this year I had a lot of supporters and this is probably the main reason why I manage to make it.

The support has come in form of questions, curiosity, patience and cheering up and volunteering to be part of my characters cast.

So thank you, thank you so much to (not in any specific order):

–          My partner, for supporting me all the time, despite my craziness and for minding Maya in the evenings to let me write and for putting again his own hobby in standby, in order to let me complete my challenge.

–          Shannon, for volunteering to be one of the main characters, Monko, a nice golden monkey coming from Funny Jungle and also for reading the manuscript while in progress.

–          Wayne, for constantly hearing my rant about my word count.

–          Keith, Michael and Nick who didn’t exactly volunteered to be in there but they let me do that anyway. Michael, sooner or later you will wear a cape!

–          Grainne, for asking updates about the word count.

–          Hannah, for volunteering to be a character. She became Serafina who isn’t live yet into the manuscript but she’s in the plot outline and was already mentioned anyway.

–          Liz, who in her motherly way I love so much told me I better put her in there and she became a warrior.

–          Martina, who worked as personal cheer leader and helped me, minding Maya when I was trying to catch up with words.

–          Joanna, who cheered up and supported through the net, something very sci-fi-brilliant!

I’m sure I’m forgetting someone; don’t be upset if you don’t find your name here. Your support was highly appreciated anyway. It’s just my brain, poor thing, trying to drag itself forward!

I’m posting quickly my stats but mind that they might be wrong as I didn’t have the time to keep an accurate track of them, it was really too much asking that to myself.


Number of notes written on my mobile: 8


Number of piece of paper scribbled while not busy in work: around 50


Meals skipped with the colleagues in order to write: around 10


Cups of tea or coffee drunk: +20


Dried apricots eaten: +30


Corn on the cobs eaten: 0


Times I hysterically despaired to make it: 25

Word count….doesn’t count anymore! Ah Ah Ah!

Favourite sentence or excerpt of the day: I won’t fill this because I have a nice idea for the next post!

Before I conclude this blog, there is a question I do have. Is there another NaNo mum out there?

Am I stupid or not capable of balancing all the chores or tidy enough to do everything? How do you cope and win NaNo?

Is anyone feeling like me out there?


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