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NaNoWrimo – Day 10

I’ve disappeared again I know, but I have a justification and some news!

I’ve been in Italy again at a comic exposition. As you might know I love comics and my partner does too, so when we can we go there.

First day we decided to bring Maya with us too and it was possibly the funniest of the four days.

I have some pictures for you.


Ace from One Piece!



From Hunger Games, it's handmade!

From Hunger Games, it’s handmade!

I don't know who they are but their costumes are great!

I don’t know who they are but their costumes are great!

Samurai squirrel!

Samurai squirrel!


The only problem is, as usual when I go to this exposition, I was left behind for my NaNoWriMo, so now I have to catch up. I’m doing my best all considered, so here is the statistic.

The working title is The Horror Heritage.



Number of notes written on my mobile: 4




Number of piece of paper scribbled while not busy in work: around 30




Meals skipped with the colleagues in order to write: 2




Cups of tea or coffee drunk: 5




Dried apricots eaten: 10




Corn on the cobs eaten: 0




Times I hysterically despaired to make it: 5




Word count for today: New record 3.201 words.




Favourite sentence or excerpt of the day: well not of today but so far for the moment, until this post becomes regular.

Second thing to remember this isn’t only a draft, but a NaNo draft so ignore errors and what doesn’t make sense please!

I don’t know how long I have slept last night but I know I can hear an alarm now. It’s not an alarm; it’s more like a scratching noise. Or maybe not even that one.

I feel like Emma right now, I try to decide whether to open my eyes and give a lesson to whomever is doing such wreckage or stay with my eyes closed and wait to calm down.

It’s like this in the morning; I have to wake up in a soft way.

“Fran, Fran!” I hear Aisolar voice calling me, she sounds scared.

“Oh no!” this should be Moko’s voice instead “Not again! Cari will you stop please?!” she shouts.

I open my eyes, and I see that the room is still dark but using the light coming from Aisolar’s air I can make out the lines of someone floating in the room.

“Wake up, ladies, wake up, little flowers!!!” she screams and then she starts flying hysterically form one side of the room to the other.

“Ok, ok! We’re up, we’re up! Stop it!” I shout.

The figure stops and she start floating in the middle of the room. I can see she’s transparent, so I think she’s a ghost but her behaviour recalls something I read in a book once.

“So you’re a poltergeist!” I say

“Ding, ding, ding! Right answer! Continue like this and you’ll start working before you can say poltergeist!” she says and then starts laughing hysterically.


 Words so far: 10.256/ 50.000

 6414 words to catch up! 


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