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Blog on the go! – New shiny obsession!

All right all right, I’ve been too monothematic so far, so here you are, something different from NaNoWriMo!


I have a new obsession!


Now before I’m telling you something more about that, let me explain. I know that you’re thinking that I’m jumping from one obsession to another one.


Writing, NaNoWriMo, The Hunger Games, Colin Morgan, Supernatural, One Piece and Ghibli Studio are all my obsessions! So you’re basically right!


What I could say in my favour is that although I find something that is temporary the new strong and blinding obsession of the moment I don’t abandon the others!


This brings me to think that I might call them strong preferences…here, it might be just taste. I mean everybody likes films, TV shows and so on, but apparently for me the feeling is kind of stronger and works on my brain like a tsunami!


So do you want to know Who the new one is!?


Yes, Doctor Who!


I have to thank again my dear friend C. for this! But as I’ve become addicted to the series and in particular to David Tennant, I think I’m happy with that!


David Tennant is so good in acting and he’s Scottish and I found a picture of him in kilt…so you could easily understand how I could marry this guy straight ahead!


Now going back to serious talking, I think he’s very talented, I have problem in recognizing him from one performance to the other, which brings me to think that he’s melting in his role to become the character he’s impersonating. And I really think this is the main quality for a good actor.


Now my head would love to see him playing along with Colin Morgan. I’d bet it could be a masterpiece!


Ps. Sorry this blog was done, when I found the following meme, while looking for David’s picture…as I hate how the transformed the vampires in that movie and I love Doctor Who I had to share it with you! Here you are! 


6 thoughts on “Blog on the go! – New shiny obsession!

  1. Hello Franny. Sorry I’ve not been around so much but I have not forgotten you at all. If you be so kind to drop by the cave and pick up the VIP invitation there for you. You’re in my Guest of Honor list. Leave you lots of Dragon Hugs.

  2. I’ve been overwhelmed again,Franny, but my thoughts have been with you. You better get yourself a cut-off number for obsessions; agree to drop an old one when you get a new one…(this advice is from someone who should practice what she preaches!)

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