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I think that at this stage you’re sick and tired already to read about NaNoWriMo, but I cannot help. I’ll be a bit monotonous for the next month and half, I’m sorry!

I’m also trying to sort a few personal problems out, so I really have to do what is relaxing me and most of all what makes me happy and talking about NaNo is one of these things. I ask you to bear with me.

As I’m going to bother you every day, or I’ll try to do so, the following ones are the parameters you’ll have to check to see how insane I’ll become before the end of November.

This is the right place where to explain them, in particular if you are curious enough.

Now, I know that for a few of you they’re just list without any meaning at all, but for me it’s extremely funny.

I don’t want to disappear from the blog for a whole month and I’ve always loved these lists in other participants’ signatures, so I decided to do one for my special place. I’ll add to it an except and the count of words to make it more interesting.

Here we go:


Number of notes written on my mobile:


Number of piece of paper scribbled while not busy in work:


Meals skipped with the colleagues in order to write:


Cups of tea or coffee drunk:


Dried apricots eaten:


Corn on the cobs eaten:


Times I hysterically despaired to make it:


Word count for today:


Favourite sentence or excerpt of the day:


Words so far:


I hope I won’t slip in the chocolate route again because I’m on diet once more and I want to make it this time! Let’s see what November hysteria will save for me!

So what do you think?

Do you think I could add something?

Are you curious to know something else?


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