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In my last post I announced that the project for NaNo was almost complete, in fact I really need to find a way to wrap the story up and I’ll be done.

Although the story isn’t finished yet, I know more or less the direction I want my events to take.

After I’ll finish I just have to adjust it and also try to see if it fits in at least two of the schemes I usually use to test my stories. If it doesn’t, it’s likely I’ve made some mistakes or the course of the events isn’t the right one!

The next obstacle will be to find a way to hide this skeleton into the narration. I’ll try to do my best, but I think it’s hard; after all, you judge the skill of the writer also in details like this one, am I right?

In order to avoid spoiling the story for you, I’m not writing a synopsis of the book, but I want to tell you something more anyway, as I promised in my last post.

So I imagine the blurb that could be at the back of the printed copy, supposing that I’ll manage to publish this book sooner or later!


Fran wants to become a writer but she realizes she needs experience if she wants to follow Robert the Traveller’s footsteps.

She decides to go to Sweet Moment and join her twin-brother in working in the heritage centre and get in contact with people from all over the world as a first step.

But not everything is at is seems.

Fran soon will found out that Sweet Moment is a huge glittering cage and nobody is safe there; what it’s worse she’ll discover, at her own expense, that the more colour you show in life the bigger is the trouble you’re dragging yourself in.

Sweet Moment is full of secret and full of danger.

Will Fran manage to survive? And if so, will she manage to break out of this prison in disguise?

Also, will she manage to discover all the secrets hidden behind the lively and smiling façade of her workplace?


So what do you think?

Would you read the book after this blurb?


What do you think about that?

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