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Franny’s news #5


And after a while here is other news about me.


I left Maya with her grandma and I’m trying to relax and doing all the things I was supposed to do for ages. I feel guilty a lot but at the same time I’m breathing!

Once again I don’t own this pic. If the owner wants me to remove it, just let me know. For the moment, thanks for it because is so cute!

I’ve almost finished copying the notes I had spread in several notebooks and piece of papers about my fantasy world. And to be honest with you, I might have a second series in my head; I just need to put everything on paper and think about that.

 What I’m sure about is that next month, in this year NaNoWriMo, I’m going to write the book that it might become the first one of the new series.


Now if you haven’t seen me lately on this blog or on your blogs, I apologise. I managed to put together something like over 1100 mails to sort out…I promise you I’ll do my best, just bear with me!


Then let’s say something about my readings. As I told you before I have several books and two audiobooks I started but I haven’t finished yet. Although I’m tempted to start something else anew, I have to say I’ve been doing some progresses.


I’m 60 pages from the midpoint of Game of Thrones. I love it, but after the Hunger Games, the narration is quite slow, not like the other book I’ll tell you about. But if you add this to the size of the book it’s kind of complicated bringing it around with me.


The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers (this is the other book!) proceeds, but it’s so boring that I cannot help it. I’ve been reading it since last year, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to complete it by the end of this year either. I’m not even telling you where I am otherwise you’re going to execute me!


God is not great it’s a nice non-fiction book. I’m slow in reading it anyway. First of all Christopher Hitchens writes in such complicated way, something that just displays his high culture, that I find myself very slow in following. I told you I have to improve my English still! Secondly, the facts he displays as matter of fact are so astonishing and so crude sometimes that I have to take in small doses and let them sink in for a few moments before I can go on.


The Dubliners is another one I’m dragging from last year and I’m looking forward to finish. I have only The Dead to read but it seems I can’t force myself to do it.


How to write Science Fiction and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card is at a decent point but I have to finish it before November or my fellow writer, who lent me it last year, is going to rightly kill me! It’ very interesting and I think I’ll burst the reading before the rereading of my notes on my fantasy world, so to have a fresh point of view on my side.


The audiobook Travel to the centre of the earth is over the half and I can’t wait to finish it. It became interesting only after the 27th chapter. And to be honest, the content might be interesting, but I’m not a scientist nor a geologist or something like that. I’m pro details and research to write something decent, but too much, it’s too much! It’s boring!


The audiobook Ozma of Oz, it’s at the very beginning just because I decided I had to finish that heavy reading/listening I mentioned above. It seems nice though and I can recognize a few element used in the Disney movie, but I know already that it’ll go into a different route all together.


This was the last news for the moment. I hope I’ll manage to stick to one book per time once I’ll finish them all!


What do you think about that?

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