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Dreaming of Camelot and sushi

Finally, after many days I had a dream and I managed to remember it and also I was fast enough to get the pencil on the bedside table and scribble down what I remembered.

It’s yesterday’s dream, to tell the truth, but I’m in the hard relaxing phase now, since we left Maya in Italy with grandma, so don’t hate me if I’m not very precise with posts!


The good news is, actually, that it’s not only one but two dreams I’m talking about, hence the title of the post.


The first dream was set in a countryside house or something like that. Something that concerned Merlin and Arthur, but at the same time it was very modern. Merlin was actually Leonardo Di Caprio, dressed like he was dressed in Django(I love Tarantino and his movies!), and he was drinking like a sponge and telling me something for sure I cannot recall.


There was Guinevere watching the TV and I was thinking “I’m not watching this film anymore; they don’t have the TV in medieval times!”

Arthur was having a picnic in the enormous garden outside his house. One of his daughters robbed a bottle of beer from his bag while he was asleep.

Of course then I woke up….


Then the second dream was totally different and, if possible, even more fragmentary…

I was staying in a house where there were flies and strange butterflies on the bedside table, which looked exactly like the one my mum has at home.

I was exchanging insults with someone but I don’t recall much of that.

At some point I saw all my books piled up in row and then I was eating sushi, but I couldn’t swallow it, not even drinking water. I even tried to stick my tongue out in front of the mirror and I saw it becoming part of the rice.

There was a fire then and my partner decided to save a book for me but he saved “The Lizard” and not the “Genji Monogatari”, one of my favourites of all times.

I was sad and I was still eating sushi!


As you can well see neither of them it’s very normal as dream but still that’s what I have and frankly I’m happy I was able to remember them once again!

As usual all comments are most welcome!



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