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Arthurs’ legend

As you all may know I love Merlin as TV show!

After watching it I was so in need to watch the familiar faces of the protagonists of this series once again, and in particular, as you might guess, Colin Morgan’s one, that I start combing youtube videos in search of something nice or funny or scaring to see.

Not after long I came across the following videos and I liked them so much that I decided to share them with you!

They’re basically filmed in the beautiful and charming Wales countryside, while Colin Morgan and Bradley James were travelling in their personal quest of finding the places of the Arthurian legends. I’m not telling you much more, because they cover just half an hour more or less all together, and I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Although being a woman I should hate the medieval period, I can’t help loving it.

Whenever I think about that a weird image appears in my head, like the opening in a TV show. It’s always the same and to be honest with you I have no clue why it is so and why this particular image was chosen by my brain.

It’s a country hut, with the roof made of hay and straw. The once white walls are matching the roof with a brownish shade. There are a couple of wooden barrels around and all nearby there is an unreal sense of calm and, what I could define, medievalness under a grey sky.

For my brain this would translate my passion and attraction to the medieval period at the very first thought. Then of course my brain goes through other details, but the hut it’s the starting point.

Was it my home in a previous lifetime?

Oh well, the point is that I love everything connected with it, a part from the inquisition squad, and so the legends are appealing.

Here I leave you with these three videos! Let me know what you think about them! 


What do you think about that?

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