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Dental adventure!

I know it might sound weird writing a post on a dentist visits but for me it was a step forward in settling abroad. Of course I needed to share the nice experience with you!


As you might know by now I’m a bit coward when it comes to changes and I rather wait for someone being with me than do something for the first time all alone.


Also you might need to know that I’ve been using the same dentist since I was 8 and only an emergency could make me simply think about going to a different one, or worse changing it.


You can then imagine that the first time I felt pain in my teeth I just hoped that a pain killer would do.


The pain didn’t go away, instead it got worse.


I even reached so high peaks that I couldn’t sleep during the night.


After two months of bad sleep and painkillers I decided that maybe it was time to switch into action.


The problem I had, a part from the fear of trying a new dentist, was the bad experience I had before and I sensed that a wisdom tooth was involved this time.


Second, I hate when pain is involved!


I called my dentist in Italy and he said that I might need an antibiotic and he asked whether I could wait till the next time I went home to be visited in his clinic.


I said that the pain was too intense to wait so long.


I’m very nervous in general so I decided to ask around for a good dentist.


As I said I had a bad experience here in Dublin and the dentist who cured my cavities didn’t even spoke in an understandable way. He stated to count my teeth and saying “this needs to go, this too…” and so on.


Also he didn’t fill the cavity like I’ve always seen done (being extra nervous I always ask hundred questions and I learned a bit!) so I was traumatized.


Plus his assistant was going back and forth between the room and the reception and it was that lack of professionalism that completed the picture!


Eventually my team leader suggested P. D. Clinic, which is actually not even that far from my house, and she assured me that the dentists there are specialised for nervous patients.


This bit of information and the sharper pain in my tooth convinced me to call the clinic and take the appointment.


This time the environment was nice, relaxed and less improvised. There was a smiling lady behind the reception and I filled my form.


After a few minutes I was introduced to the very tall and thin Dr. E. M.


It was after entering the room that I started probably to relax. His assistant was E., very smiley and discreet. There was soft music on background and a screen on the ceiling showing images of tropical fishes I could see from the chair even without glasses.


We talked a bit, I explained him my problems and then he visited me explaining what was going on step by step. He was very gentle and relaxing.


As I feared the wisdom tooth was the biggest problem I had and it needed to be removed. Everybody, included me, would expected to run away from the chair but I didn’t!!!! The environment and the doctor were so relaxing that I just worried like a normal person would do!


I took the appointment and asked for the sedation- something that was totally new as in Italy dentists don’t give you the sedation.


Then once at home I started worrying more! What if the sedation doesn’t work (it happened for me before! Valium and double sedation didn’t make me feel even dizzy…so I was anxious!!!) and what if I swallow the tooth and what if I feel pain anyway?


When I went there for my extraction appointment I was nervous but then the doctor made me relax chatting around.


I actually felt the anxiety rising again when, after 4 attempt to find the vein for the sedation, he had to call another doctor!


But do you know what? When I woke up (yes, because apparently I fell asleep) the tooth was out! I was relaxed and all giggling! Something that lasted all day long! I felt like people in films!


The following days I felt an annoying feeling but not much. I even received a call from them asking if I was ok! It was great!


I then decided that I can change the dentist, because – I know it’s weird to say that- it was the funniest dentist visit I’ve even experienced!


So another step forward in my settling here is completed!


2 thoughts on “Dental adventure!

  1. Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to visiting posts;this is the first one I checked in to see!
    I am so sorry that you had so much trouble; thank God you found someone decent.Ihtink there is a definite difference in all health-care professionals and too many people put up with abuse or get scared away without looking for decent care…I have been guilty of it,too.
    I hope you are completely mended now,Franny!

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