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Romantic Night Out – Third part!

After we finished with our walk we went back to the hotel and we prepared for dinner.


While approaching to the door of the private restaurant we heard piano music. “No, you don’t tell me, is it live music?” my partner said half laughing.


You see? I told you we’re not used to posh places! The truth is that it was really like he guessed.


When we opened the door there was a gentleman playing the piano. He was performing music by Richard Clayderman; I know it was his because my dad used to be a big fan of him, but I didn’t remember the title. I do now anyway, here is it for you:


I’m sorry but I don’t remember what we ate, a part form the welcome starter: a crab salad served on a spoon you normally see in Chinese restaurants. I should have taken notes or pictures but my partner hates pictures in particular in events like this one and so I decided that the evening was too nice to ruin it for a shot!


This is the only shot I managed to take!

This is the only shot I managed to take!

The only thing I remember is that we ate very well and although the portion weren’t the classic “trattoria” standards I love, we were so full by the end of the meal that I couldn’t even walk to our room.


When we went back there we opened the door and we find that the bedside table’s lamps were on. I actually didn’t remember leaving them on but everything is possible when you’re very very tired!


My partner went in first and then I followed and only after I reached the center of the room I realized why he was laughing so much. I got scared at the beginning but then there was no harm and no danger (I’m on the edge all the time, as I’m so tired!) I just was in awe.


We found the bed prepared for the night and with chocolate on the sheet, and not any kind of chocolate but Butler’s chocolate, the best you can find in Dublin!

2013-08-17 22.45.56


I was so happy and excited that instead of falling asleep immediately I could barely close my eyes.


So in the morning when we woke up we were as tired as when we arrived but very much happier and more relaxed!


We decided to go back home a bit early because we missed Maya!


My mum was surprised to see us so early but we couldn’t help! We always complain but Maya is still Maya!

2013-08-18 09.38.33

Last glance at the garden!


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