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Romantic Night Out – Second part!

When we arrived at the Japanese gardens I found myself on the other side of the counter! They asked us where we were from.

When the girl asked me that question I was taken aback. The answer was “I’m from Italy but I live in Dublin!”

Ok, this is a normal answer but when I ask the customers the very same question, such a reply needs time to be said. Now I know why the reactions to the question are so weird…

To tell the truth coming from one country and living for so long in another one is somewhat destabilizing.

Anyway I told them where I work and that we have the same computer system, that’s why I was laughing at her question. Everything ended up in laugh and we bought the tickets that included not only the Japanese gardens but also the Irish Stud.

As we arrived almost at the closing time we had to decide what to visit first, in case we couldn’t manage to see everything, so we went to the Japanese gardens to begin with.

2013-08-17 16.42.25

Now you have to understand I’m a big Asia fan, actually I’m almost obsessed, and whenever I meet someone who has Asian characteristic or I see something coming from Asia I feel happy and restless!

This feeling doubles if we talk about Japan!

I know I’m weird but that’s that! You have to take me as I am.

When I entered the Japanese gardens and I saw the sculpture on my left I was already inspired.

When you start the visit, you decide if you want to take the easy path or the rugged path. As I think that life isn’t easy and as this was a path meant to resemble life, I decided to get for the rugged one.

And I was right because it was the nicest one. I’ll save you my partner’s translation and live comment of it because it would really lose all the poetry about that!

Just for the record we went through some “obstacles” representing the ones everybody meets in his or her lifetime. There was the cave of birth, the tunnel of the ignorance, then the hill of learning, then the engagement bridge, the marriage bridge, the honeymoon path, the hill of ambition, the well of wisdom, the bridge of life (you can see me on that one!), the chair of the old age and then the hill of mourning just to mention the majors!

2013-08-17 16.45.13

It was exciting but I had my partner with me, so, needless to say, stopping to read every poster or having a closer look at every plant and flower was impossible! Anyway if it’s true that we need to find a compromise in every couple I was content with what I saw.

While wondering through those plants and caves and while listening to the natural sounds I was inspired, although I didn’t even know to do what exactly! Maybe I was inspired to write something that is yet to be thought!

After we passed through the gateway to eternity we walked a bit and we entered into the second part of the exhibition: the Irish Stud.

It’s basically a huge park and you can see the horses and their foals there. As we arrived almost at the closing time there wasn’t much around to see of them, but I enjoyed the place all the same.

I relaxed a little bit after a long time.

The part that absolutely I loved most of the whole place, even more than the Japanese Gardens, was the woodland walk. It was very romantic and mysterious at the same time and also it was then that I hoped that that place was closer to my home to go there from time to time and get some inspiration.

I mean if I could I would have stopped there and started to write. What? I have no clue but it was so full of energy, the kind of energy only the trees can give you.

2013-08-17 17.09.10 2013-08-17 17.10.32 2013-08-17 17.12.04

I must find a wood or a similar place closer to my place!


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