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Romantic Night Out

I know that I’m doing this in extra late but I wanted to share the experience with you so here we are.

As I promised I’m going to tell you some of the things happened during August. I hope you’ll excuse me if I divide it in three parts as I want to show you some pictures as well!


Since my mum was here helping, and since my partner is really doing his best to make me relax, we went for a romantic night out.


We decided to have dinner and spend the night in the Barberstown Castle in Co. Kildare.


As I discovered after being there, this isn’t the classical medieval stone castle I love, but still it was a gorgeous posh way to spend one occasion with my love.


Although I was forced to confirm that I’m not the kind of posh person (I feel slightly uncomfortable in these places. I’m more pub and B&B rustic kind of person), we had to celebrate our anniversary (very in late! It was on the 30th of May! Happy 14th anniversary, honey!), my birthday and his birthday (in advance, but it’s ok!), so we thought that it could be worth it!


We left Dublin in the early afternoon and we reached our destination only half an hour later.


You see, one of the reasons why I love Ireland is that it does take literally 10 minutes to leave the city and be immersed in the green, sheep included!


I love Ireland and, believe it or not, seeing the green makes me relax already. Once reached the castle, Roman –I even remember his name- showed us our room and we were left in the spacious Hugh Cairncross room. It was huge and nice; the only creepy side of it was the picture of a girl on the wall at the end of the comfortable four posters bed.

 2013-08-17 22.44.10

There was a desk and a nice soft sofa and armchairs that left us astonished. I admit that my brain started working already imagining all the reunions and meetings made in that room. Maybe important decisions were taken in that room. Maybe it wasn’t a bedroom at all and the living room side was just used by the lady of the castle when she fancied having tea with friends.

 2013-08-17 15.34.24

2013-08-17 15.34.45

The particular that surprised us was the toilet! You know already my feeling with toilets, right?!


It left us aback, anyway, not only because was huge and all the ceramics were decorated – it was like washing yourself in a Ming vase – but also there was a bidet. It was the first one I found one since I left Italy so far and I hadn’t even noticed it at the first glance! You understand why I thought it was worth a picture!

 2013-08-17 15.40.41

When I called to book, they told me that nearby there was the Japanese gardens, worth a romantic walk!


We then set off and went for them. My partner was a bit annoyed because it was like going back to Dublin again, as the distance was once again half an hour!


Luckily it was half an hour towards Limerick so everything ended up in a joke.


He knows I have no sense of direction, but this time I accepted an advice as well, so it wasn’t entirely my fault!



6 thoughts on “Romantic Night Out

    • I’m terrible! You should meet my partner! He’s great with direction!
      My mum likes Dublin but she has of course problems with the language because she doesn’t speak a word of English!

  1. My nonna lived in America for 50 years, (with a two-year trip back to Italy when she was 80), and never spoke English. But we found that she understood more than she let on! Where is her home?Where did you come from? I think I told you, my grandmother was from near Foligno.My grandfather must have been, too,but he claimed to be a Perugino!( I think he lived there;he had gone to college,( in Turino,I think). Back then ,it was BIG STUFF!

      • Your Mum hasn’t been there for 50 years!
        A couple of my cousins’ mother was a Tuscana. It’s pretty there. As I just told someone, northern Italians seldom emigrate, or , at least don’t leave as often as the southern ones.The people in the north have more to leave behind, usually…things are better in the north.

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