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Oh my darling Miyazaki sensei a.k.a. How to destroy a daydream#1

I hope by now everybody who follows this blog knows who Miyazaki sensei is and how much I love him and his jobs.

But if you’re new and/or you don’t know these things, here he is:

And you can find some information about him here and about his work here.

A few weeks ago he decided to retire. Miyazaki Hayao retires at the age of 72.

Only after the choc wore off and the news sank in, I realized that my daydream will never come true.

If you remember here I told you how I’d love he could transform one of my stories into an animation movie.

Franny is very sad right now because he has retired.

The only thing I can hope is that he’ll get so bored at home doing nothing that he’ll decide to go back…yes, and wait for me! Oh dear…

You may say that he’s not the only one in Ghibli Studio and that it’s not fair I react like this because every honest and great worker deserve rest at the end of his or her own career.

You’re right on both sides. Some of my favourite films are directed by other people who still work there!

But Miyazaki was the symbol, like a human Totoro, if you know what I mean! And that’s why above all I decided to write to Miyazaki sensei my first Oh my darling letter.


Dear Miyazaki sensei,

I’m writing this letter just to let you know how much I love your work and I respect your art.

In a world where everything runs and rushes to gain money regardless the quality of the product they’re offering, your Ghibli Studio slowly but surely delivered pearls.

I love your pieces of arts. I will never finish to bless that day you decided to become an artist and then to open the Studio and then keep going without following the mainstream, although that meant just releasing less films and with a big gap among them.

We, fans of Ghibli Studio, know your effort and we’re ready to wait till the next masterpiece, sure that you won’t disappoint us.

Of course I have my favourites and I can gladly see that Maya is developing the same taste!

I love Totoro because is so cute and genuine. It’s something children can dream of! Also grownups not so grown up can dream of!

I love Howl moving castle because it encourages me all the time to keep going on and dream and also it gives me hope that sooner or later I’ll manage to make my dream become true.

I love Spirited away for the same reason. And also because it makes you hope in a better and more respectful world.

I love Whisper of the heart because it touches me deeply as I want to be a writer, and makes me think that sooner or later it will be possible.

But this is just a few, I love all of them. I love all the works of your Studio. I love even The grave of fireflies, but I can’t watch it anymore because it makes me cry all the times.

The great magic your animation movies perform is moving deep feelings inside me, allowing them coming out in a nicer and more positive way. Every time I watch a new film or I watch an old one for the umpth time, I feel full of energy and ready to work and create myself.

I can only hope that all the people who will follow your footsteps will stay on your same page and never change the way you worked. Also I hope that they’ll keep going on with the same passion and love for the art and respect for their fans and their intelligence and feelings.

Thanks sensei,




4 thoughts on “Oh my darling Miyazaki sensei a.k.a. How to destroy a daydream#1

  1. Porco Rosso for the win in my case, even if I use Totoro for my avatar…
    But I genuinely do love all the Ghibli films, (have bought the DVDs several times over, and now upgrading to Blu-Ray as they come out) even the quirky My Neighbours The Yamadas.

  2. I watched my first ghibli movie at a young age, and the movie at the time gave me the creeps considering i found the very old vhs valley of wind logo missing half of its sticker tittle, in an old box stuffed away inside a house me and my family just moved into. I was 12 im 27 now. i finally rewatched the movie, and must say i still get that old creepy feeling from the movie. Strange thing is, i like it. TO be able to feel like a child again. ive watched many other of his movies and they all leave a very subtle but seldomly felt emotion at the end of all his movies. To what extent of feeling it leaves…for me, desolate serene happy yet loneliness. His work is pure art.

    • I totally agree with you! I’m moved all the times when I watch any of them. The one that I cannot really watch again is Grave of the fieflies…it’s too sad, beyond any emotion you can feel!

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