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The hunger games heritage


Here I am again blabbering about the trilogy I’ve just finished! I promise I won’t be too morbid about that! The thing is that I thought a lot during the past two weeks and I think it would be nice to share with you what these books left me with.

Enthusiasm first of all.

I feel my hands itching again with the eagerness! I want to write and to create.

The only inconvenience to all this is that my fear and my lack of self-confidence seem doubled. I fear I will never be able to create such a nice book (whatever language I’d use). And even if I could make it, I fear I could be the one book writer.

Said that, believe it or not, it’s helped to see my life as well in a different way! Maybe it’s just too easy to impress me as my partner always says!

But, you see, all that talking about the hunger and post war difficulties ringed a dormant bell in my brain. When I was in elementary school I was asked all the time to do research about the post Second World War period or to interview all the old people living in the area about their habits and how did they play and eat and live. Now, although this might seem a harsh task for 8 years old pupils – considering that a part from that we didn’t do any math or Italian or whatever subject – and I don’t remember much of all that, I must say that at least I remember the sensation of despair and sadness coming from their words although many years had passed.

So once I read the book I started to question myself about having so much or about the way we’re eating. We waste loads of food, we cook in abundance and we don’t have much sense of the way we should do it properly. I speak in general for the people I know and me. To this consideration you have to add that my dietician –once again we stuff ourselves and then we need dietician – gave me a food diary to keep and what shocked me was realizing that the majority of the times I eat without being hungry.

This is wrong but now after the reflection I’ve been doing lately I’d say it’s alarming! So now I try to eat only when I need to and in a more reasonable way and I feel better.

Said that, and you may agree on it or not, the other things I’m left with are wishes.

I wish I could be able to create such a powerful setting even not going so deep in details. I wish I could create such powerful characters. I wish I could create such a consistent story full of twists and able to keep the interest of the readers always vigilant.

Then immediately after that I started to think.

Why do other books don’t grab you in the same way? (I know there is the bit about the right time to read a book or just the simple matter of taste). Is maybe the great quantity of character that distracts you? And this might be a problem because in the books I’m planning to write the number of character increases a lot with the time and the story passing by. The last part of the story will have to deal with at least 14 characters who for the role they have are kind of all main characters…I might think about that…

I mean, if you think about Game of Thrones: it is good and filled my head with images created from the reading and sometimes I dreamed about that, but it’s also true that it didn’t take me like The Huger Games did. The demonstration to this is that I gladly put it aside in order to read the trilogy. And just don’t forget that I love Game of Thrones, in particular a few characters who, as far as I know, aren’t dead yet! Martin could have been a serial killer and then decided to be a writer!

Concluding the post I have to say that first of all I’m going to read the three books again soon, because they give me positive energy. Also I have to thank them because they gave me the bust of energy I needed to start writing again in healthy way!

Finally I think that for this year NaNoWriMo I want to try first person narrator and present tense. Once I was told that the best form of admiration is emulating someone. I agree on that but also I see it as experimenting different kind of narration.

As I decided to use my alter ego Rainbow D. Fran (you remember her right?) in her accounts of travel and adventures I suppose that first person was the right choice anyway. I’ll just try to use the present tense rather than the past and see where it leads.

I think that’s that for the moment.

Thanks Suzanne Collins!



4 thoughts on “The hunger games heritage

  1. Glad you liked the Hunger Games trilogy, I really enjoyed it myself.

    I think you will like this, Orson Scott Card, author of the Ender’s Game series (that I highly recommend), once said there are two types of writers. The first is someone who reads a book and thinks they can do it better. The second is someone who reads a book and wishes they could tell a story just as good.

    Now, Orson considers himself the second type, after reading Asimov’s Foundation series. You sound like the second type, as I am myself. Grab that inspiration and start writing, that is what I have done.

    Seeing as you are doing NaNo (this is my first year) I look forward to hearing about your progress and will root you on to 50k.

    • I think I’ll do! There is so much I have to learn and also it’s slightly annoying this lack of self-confidence…. balls!
      I’m reading Card’s book on how to read speculative fiction now, let’s see if it helps!
      Oh good once NaNo starts feel free to add me as buddy! I think I’m still Franny_Franny and I have Once Piece jolly roger as avatar! If something changes I’ll let everybody know!

  2. I have not read those books, Franny, but I can tell you what I do know about readers, if not writers.
    You have to grab your audiences’ hearts. You have to make them care about at least one of the characters.Even if you are writing unlikeable people, at least one of them has to evoke caring in the readers…people have to care what is going to happen to at least on character through the story…or GROW to care, but the story itself must be interesting enough to keep them reading until they care enough. Is that confusing?

    And yes, for an 8 year old, that was harsh ,but people need to know the reality and harshness of war.Unfortunately, many do not and are eager to inflict it on others or send their people in to fight far away from their cozy homes.(I speak mainly of Americans here but also many western Europeans.)

    • I absolutely agree with you! And I must say I don’t know if it’s a curse or a bless I’m easly taken! You’ll see what I mean with today’s post! But still I don’t know if what I care for will be the same for my reader!
      Yes, war is the worst thing human beings invented…I don’t understand it and I don’t agree with that…I’m with you on that!

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