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The Hunger Games

I think that since I disappeared in order to read it, at least one post is in order!

Oh boy! Where should I start?!

There is so much I want to say and maybe so much I won’t be able to say, mostly because while I was reading I forgot to jot down my impressions.

As you can imagine, since I put my blog on hold, these three books hooked me completely. It’s a good sensation as it has been ages since I was so taken and so attracted and so in love and so fast in reading.

I still feel confused, mainly because I’m still in book hangover or so I think. But it might be slightly different, maybe there is more.

I feel like I’m still in Panem and I don’t want to leave. I’m still with the characters and in the now familiar places. Personally I have books that I can barely finish, and when I do is usually a relief, books that I like, books that I just want to reread and books that I absolutely love.

As you know you won’t find a review below, it’s just really my impression on the trilogy!

What I know is that I must give an order to all these words, any kind of it, because I realize that I’m so excited and so into it that I’m just confusing everybody!

So I’d say I’ll follow the order of the books and again I might leave outside things. I reserve the right to update my impression the next time I’ll read the trilogy. Because I will!

First book. The hunger game.

The reason why I bought the books is because they were in special offer. I remember that I thought I wanted to read them anyway sooner or later.

Then I watched the first film. Not so great! I mean once you’ve watched already Battle Royale and Contenders you just think this one is the same story put in a different contest!

Just out of curiosity and because the black cover was standing out the coloured sea of the spines of the other books in my shelf I decided to open the first page.

First person narrator. Present tense.

I thought that it might be interesting and most of all that maybe they messed up with the film! I’m watching it again now while I’m writing the post just to make sure!

 Although the content had to adapt to the cinema timing, and I was sure that it was less disastrous than it usually is because Suzanne Collins herself revised the script, there was something wrong, but I didn’t know what it was until I read the second book.

As it usually happens the book was much, much better than the film. It was exactly what I was looking for, more details, more characters, going much deeper into the world she created.

But, most of all, reading the books, made me realize that there are still written things out there that can shake me entirely.

Ninety per cent of the time my heart was drumming so fast to give me pain. I’m not kidding. Maybe the fact that it was written in first person centred perfectly its aim.

After I’ve finished the trilogy though, I can say that maybe the first one was the worst of the three books. Still it is perfect if you want to know better the characters and the world of Panem, so over all I liked it.

Book two. Catching fire.

I think it’s the best of the three; it was the one I read in less days. And it was the one that make me fall in love with Peeta! Now, hold the horses here, you heard me right!

Sometimes in my life I fall in love with a fictional character. So what? I’m sure that any bookworm can understand me! For me it was the third time!

And this is the funny part. The other two were Genji (from The tale of Genji. A book from the Japanese medieval literature by Murasaki Shikibu) and the count of Monte Cristo (I guess you know who he is now!). Different periods, different genre, different kind of characters and different writers; I’m still trying to figure out while I love all of them!

Peeta is the last one of the list. So you would excuse me if I don’t understand why the production picked this guy:

Now, nothing personal! I mean he can be the best actor ever, but that’s not the point. The books stress on his blond hair and blue eyes, those blue eyes where after a while you lose yourself into! And his arms where you can be lost in endless embrace!

Josh Hutcherson isn’t Peeta. They had to change his hair colour, and his eyes are the darkest I’ve ever seen. And a part form that, he’s clearly smaller and shorter that Katniss! I don’t see the point! I have at least two or three of my youngest colleague who could fit the role instead!

But let’s see what the second film will give us. I mean they might have chosen him for his sweet smile, but I’m not convinced.

You see, while reading the first book, the faces of Peeta and Josh Hutcherson matched in a way, then the real character came out completely in Catching Fire.

A part from that Catching Fire was more heart-breaking than the first one, more romantic without slipping into not real-like too sugary emotions. I must say that I would have killed Katniss a couple of times but that just shows how the writer was good in her building the characters and their behaviour.

They were real and consistent thought the trilogy! And I loved it.


Book three. The mokingjay.

This is where the heart drums and tachycardia and relationship I had with the fictional characters reached the climax.

The funny bit was that I read the synopsis before starting the book and I had peeks through the entire book and also to the last pages, more than once.

And still, while I was reading I couldn’t believe something like that was happening. All the events unveiled page after page weren’t obvious or taken for granted.

And it’s the book where I suffered most and I cried most! The treatment Peeta received in the Capitol and also the way he was transformed by it. It wasn’t him anymore and as I grew to love him, it was unbearable!

I remember that I cried like a stupid while reading, maybe for the tenth time, the finale and when I closed the cover I just asked “What am I going to read now!?” completely forgotten that I have at least other 6 book to finish.


Ok, I’ll wrap it up!

These books are the kind that you want to reread and linger into. And play in your head again and again and again. And I think I’ll do although now I have to finish the ones I put on hold!

I’m going to read them again for sure. I’m going to wait for the films as well, but I suspect that a part of me will be so hypercritical that my partner will decide to watch them by himself!

I loved the books, I didn’t think it could happen, I didn’t aspect it to happen, but you’ll deal with it!

The only question is: have you ever felt this way reading something? Am I normal in reacting this way? Or do you think that for some reason my brain cells are completely lost and gone!?


4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Eugh, those books are an emotion roller coaster! Especially the last one. I think I walked around in a fog for a few days after reading the end. But at the same time, these books are amazing! 😀

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