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Blog on the go! – Oblivion

As I previously mentioned, I don’t really like to write down reviews, but when something strikes me in a good or in a bad or in a weird way I have to put it down my thoughts to avoid keeping thinking about it!

That’s what I’m doing now, with Oblivion starring Tom Cruise! So just to be clear once again, the following one isn’t a review, it’s just what I think about that! You won’t even find the summary of it, because it would be a waste of time!

Did I like it? Well let’s say this: to remain in fictional terms I’d say I would have preferred to be obliviate, if you know what I’m talking about! (If you don’t know and don’t want to read Harry Potter, at least watch the last film, you’ll get an idea!)

I mean it’s not like I didn’t like it at all, but it didn’t make much sense to me.

First of all I shouldn’t watch such a film with my partner. After, I think, the 5th minute he already told me the finale! This is something very disturbing, firstly because you don’t understand how he did it (of course when the film ends!), and secondly because everything was spoiled, because what he said was of course more interesting that the scenes I was watching. The consequence of it was that I tried to follow the images I was seeing and, at the same time, my brain was working and twisting the possible ending he was talking about!

Anyway, a part from a few details, it was like he said, and this left a bitter taste into my head. Also the forced happy fairy tale/ I_don’t_want_to_be_too_mean ending left me with some sadness I couldn’t really explain!

In the evening, when we were deciding what to watch, he was staring at the TV screen and said “After Oblivion, we might as well watch Humpf!”

This is Humf!

Now don’t misunderstand, I like Tom Cruise and I don’t remember if I mentioned to you he came over my workplace a couple of months ago, after he visited Ireland for Oblivion premiere. He’s also better-looking live than in films and pictures! But, to be honest, if I watched the film already I would have thrown a pint at him!!!! Of course after admiring his beautiful smile!

Excuse me, it’s a brief post, but I had to say it before going on, otherwise the critique and polemic neurons would nudge my brain for ever and ever and ever and ever!

My conclusion is, watch it if you want, but only if you really don’t have anything else to do!

And speaking of, now I have over 500 emails to read or pass or delete! I was left behind but I’ll try to do my best to catch up!




2 thoughts on “Blog on the go! – Oblivion

  1. I’m backed-up to no end, Franny so we’ll bear with each other.
    I love the idea of ‘obliviate’, as I had the same idea when we saw,”Sphere”. I said,”Let’s agree to forget about this”.

    I hope all is well.It is here, now.My father-in-law passed away and my husband was gone for a week while our oldest son was out in the western U.S. fighting wildfires.He is home safe and sound now…(and bearded, but that is going soon, I think).
    Take care.

    • Sorry Tonette, I’ve just read this comment. I’m very behind with all the blogging stuff at the moment! It seems that either you have a quiet-boring period or just a huge mess of things happening all together! Now we’re recovering from a bug but it’s hard! Sorry to hear about your father in law…and happy your son is back!

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