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Dreaming of gardens and toilets #3 – Double bill!

I might have been away from this pages but I kept dreaming. It’s a pity I couldn’t remember all of them, mostly because I didn’t write them down in time.

Luckily, I nailed the last few day’s ones, more vivid in my head, and I was able to record at least a couple of scenes.

So here we go, for your personal entertainment.



I was in a DVD shop and I was having a look around. Immediately after I was attending a dinner; there was a long table full of people and at some stage I needed the toilet. I went to the bathroom and there was only one of them vacant. The toilet was full of water up to the rim, but I needed badly so I started to put toilet paper on the seat. As I was doing that the toilet was becoming taller and taller and I wondered how I could do my business by the time I finished. Once there I realized that in the next cubicle there was L., a friend of mine, very drunk and sighing. She was elegantly dressed in black and she didn’t want to go back to the restaurant room. So I decided to bring her in there and leave her at my table, as her partner was nowhere to be found. Then I went away with my partner and some friends. Maya was left with relatives and from the door I saw that a blond little fellow gave her a kiss. She was giggling.


Something never happened before, I dreamed the following night about toilet again! I think I was nervous because I knew I was going to be in a new section in work!



I was in the new tasting room in work; we prepared food as well on the concourse. It was a nice display of bread and crackers and hams and so on.

When we entered in the room itself, it wasn’t the real room but it was a restaurant with a very high ceiling.

I ended up in a part of the restaurant where a dais was, and on the top of that there was a red potty shaped like a train. As I was bursting I had no other option than using the train potty! I was weeing when all the wee squirted all over in front catching my colleague C. who for some reason was sitting in front of me….

I know this was a bit disgusting, so that’s maybe why I didn’t remember the next part or I even woke up!

And finally last night I had this weird dream I’m trying to understand what is influenced from.




I went with someone to visit a house and it was a weird house indeed. All covered in carpet, even the walls and the ceiling. All dark colours and there was this chair, that wasn’t really a chair, high up to the ceiling, almost like it wanted to support it. So we were trying to go away but the owner, a Chinese lady, took my friend’s shirt lifted her from the ground and asked “Don’t you want to see the garden?”

We thought it was better not to refuse her and we followed her through a small wooden door leading on a weird garden. Loads of coloured big flowers and big plants were scattered around a steep stone stairs going down without you being able to see the end.

We appreciated the view though and we told her and she took my friend for her collar again and she said “So do you like gardening?!”

Then I woke up!


Here we go, if you like my weird dreams this was a good post full of them!

What do you think!? 


What do you think about that?

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